October 20, 2014

On Making Our Christmas Gift List

Christmas will be here real soon. It's the time of the year again when you can feel the cold breeze, experience traffic jams and have Christmas sales here there and everywhere. Thinking of how time flies, I need to have my Christmas gift list as soon as possible.
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Last year, we thought of making crochet accessories as Christmas giveaways. However, since we have limited time because of work and MTOs, we failed to do so. And I think for this year, we can not make this crochet accessories giveaway possible too.

I am already asking Daddy A when can we go to Divisoria, because as you all know, you can find a lot of stuff there at a very affordable price. But of course, I want to give something useful and of good quality to my family and friends. That will be hard to think so I need to do some research on what their interests are right now. Hopefully, before the month ends we can go to Divisoria. 

But before thinking of other people, Daddy and I already have our early Christmas gift, which I will write about on my other blog. We deserve these gifts as many special occasions had passed and we didn't have any personal gift to each other (Haha! Convincing my self not to be guilty of spending much that's unplanned).

Anyway, I can never forget what gift to give our little boy. Since he's loving to sing, I told Daddy we need to buy him a Magic Sing. But I am still considering to buy him a guitar or a smaller model of yamaha electric guitars. It's a way to show him we support his interest and help him nourish his talent.

I hope we can complete our Christmas gift list before December, that's our goal. Because when we hit that month, we sure have little free time to shop and I don't want to join in the Christmas rush. Have you also start writing Christmas gift list?

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Go get him na the guitar Mommy/Daddy. Matt is really a talent.

  2. Go mommy for the guitar! Yung pangalawang anak ko mahilig sa music so may guitar siya, ukulele and keyboard. I think music helps in developing the brain. I am trying to learn how to play keyboards na rin e pero dapat I need drums. panghampas ng stress sa trabaho haha. I will get the yarns first week of November ha.

    1. Hehe. Okay din ang drums, hataw lang para mailabas lahat ang stress. Thank you sis :)

  3. The Guitar is great for Matt. I haven't started making a Christmas List, oo nga eh palapit ng palapit I wish-- I can do my shopping before Christmas..:)

  4. I haven't started writing any Christmas shopping list however I have already ordered the Christmas presents for the kids. I am only giving presents to my immediate family - Kids + hubby as I find it useless shopping for others and end up they don't appreciate your gift.. waste of time and money. This year I ordered custom made suede bracelets for all so it's kinda a family present :)

  5. Oo nga.. pasko nanaman! For the past couple of months, I have opted to give food instead and just get it from one place/ shop. I realized that this is more appreciated. And in my father's side, we have to give each member a gift. So to save on time and budget, I'm doing it per family. :)

  6. Enroll Matt in voice lessons for summer. Iba talaga nagagawa ng proper technique. I know a friend who teaches well and laki ng improvement sa mga nakapaglesson sa kanya. I hope you can find one for Matt. Learning to play an instrument is a nice skill to learn too. :D

  7. I haven't made a Christmas gift list yet. I don't think I will buy again. Maybe just for Kristoff, but for the family and friends, a nice getaway would do, yung simple lang, pero masaya. :)

    I think your little boy would love it very much if you'd go for the guitar sis.

  8. Magpapasko na nga Mommy, naku kailangan ko na extra para pang regalo, hmmmm.. ok din yung drums ha.. hehehehe

  9. I've got my christmas presents all ready. we will be going on another vacation with the family this season.

  10. Go sis, support him all the way! By nurturing his talent/s and interests, he eventually becomes better at it.

  11. I think I also need to make my gift list na. I bought some already na. You should get the guitar na. :)

  12. I used to go to Divisoria also to buy Christmas gifts several years ago. I love shopping, wrapping, and giving gifts to loved ones. For your little boy, I think the guitar is a good idea. Boys who know how to play a guitar really looks very manly and oh soo attractive. Haha!

  13. It's about time to do my Christmas list na din- before I knew it Christmas na. I think you should go for the guitar for Matt. Hes really talented and it will help him to develop his talent..:)

  14. How about a ukelele for Matt.? It's slightly smaller so easier for him to handle. :)

  15. I hope you can complete your list before the month of December comes. Your idea for giveaways (last year) was really unique. Sounds really cool.