December 31, 2022

How to Teach Kids Save Money

How to Teach Kids Save Money
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I have two kids now. Both are boys, a 12-year old and a 2-year old. Because of this, many people are encouraging us to have another baby again and maybe it will be a girl. Maybe... But we always leave everything to God. If He will give us another baby, a baby girl, then we will be grateful. That's another story I would like to write about.

Speaking of kids, we can teach them how to save as early as possible. Saving is something my parents don't teach me when I was a kid. Fortunately, I learned it my self or maybe I just value the hard earned money my parents gave me.

Here's how to teach kids save money:

Start them young

Start them young simply means "to begin doing something when you are young." Most parents may relate to this phrase especially when teaching their kids doing house chores, healthy eating habits, good manners and the likes. Teaching kids to save money while they are young is a good start.

Teach them the value of money

Teaching our kids the value of money will teach them how to save money but also how to spend money wisely. As a kid, I see how my mother worked until wee hours to be able to send us to school and buy our basic needs. That maybe the reason why I learned to save and spend wisely.

Now as a parent, I am telling my kids that we can not just buy what they want. It also helps that they go with us when we do the groceries and show them how to buy wisely. My eldest will sometimes exclaim "Mom, this is so expensive," and people will like us and say "he already know what's expensive is." 

Open a bank account and have a savings goals
There are banks that offers kids to open their own account. Here, you will be able to save their own money. Just in time with Christmas season, many kids received money from their Ninongs and Ninangs. Instead of spending, this can be placed in their bank account. Kids will also able to see how much money they have and monitor it through their passbook. You can set a savings goals for them too.

You can use to calculate savings goals.

You can use this calculator to know how much you are going to save each month and also to calculate how long it will take you to reach your goal.

Learn the Needs and Wants

Kids, in nature, are considered impulsive buyers. They have the tendency ask something to buy when you are in the mall or grocery. By teaching them to know what are the things they need or wants can help them think and reduce their urge to buy something at an instant.

Teach them how to earn money

Giving reward system will help kids learn how to earn their own money. Giving them simple house chores like cleaning their room, washing the dishes, vacuuming dirt in the carpet, taking care of their siblings will be a great way for them to have extra amount by handling them  money on your payday.

Those are ways how to teach kids to save money. Start them young is a good start. Saving will be a habit for them in the load run. And most of all, be a good example. Show them you also do what you are teaching them.

That's it. I hope I get to help you and your kids. It will be also nice if you can share your experience as well.
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December 20, 2022

8 Habits that Successful People Form

8 Habits that Successful People Form
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Habits are the ultimate foundation of successful people. They are THE building blocks to success. Habits are the small, everyday things that successful people do that lead to bigger and better results. They are the steps taken each day to become more successful. Let’s dive in and discuss a few habits that successful people form and implement into their daily lives:
Goal setting

Goal setting - this is a great one to focus on first. If you are successful, you have goals, you set goals, and you figure out a way to accomplish those goals. Goal setting helps to focus attention, direct energy, and stay motivated. Setting achievable goals helps to move forward and progress in life. Goals provide direction and focus, and they should be realistic and achievable. Achieving goals gives a sense of satisfaction and boosts motivation. 

The second habit that successful people form is to be organized. This is such a good one and it’s very important to stay organized as a busy mom, an entrepreneur, as a full-time employee, or as a manager. Organization helps to manage time, prioritize tasks, and plan ahead. It allows for better decision-making and helps to avoid procrastination. Being organized helps to identify and focus on important tasks, and it also helps to prevent distractions.

Taking responsibility for your actions

The third habit that successful people form is to take personal responsibility. Taking responsibility helps to stay accountable, be more productive, and take charge of their own life. It helps to develop self-discipline and manage their time more efficiently. Taking responsibility also helps to stay focused and motivated, and it can prevent the distraction of negative thoughts and emotions. 
Being proactive is a game changer

The fourth habit that successful people form is to be proactive. Being proactive helps to identify and seize opportunities, and it also helps to move forward and progress faster. It also encourages creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. It helps to take initiative and take charge of one’s destiny. 
Stay disciplined

The fifth habit that successful people form is to be disciplined. Discipline is essential for success. It helps to stay focused, organized, and motivated. It also helps to develop self-control and stay on track. Discipline helps to stay consistent and stick to a routine. Without discipline, it is easy to lose focus and become easily distracted. 
Having a positive mindset

Want to form a good habit? Keep a positive mindset - no matter what! A positive mindset helps to stay motivated and focused. It encourages problem-solving and creative thinking. It also helps to stay optimistic, even in challenging times. A positive mindset helps to stay resilient and bounce back from failure. 
Focus on your health!

Ready for the best one of all? The seventh habit that successful people form is to stay healthy. Staying healthy helps to stay energized, focused, and motivated. It also helps to manage stress and stay productive. Eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep are all important habits that successful people form. 
Use great companies to help you

There’s a fact that is true to every successful person - they know that they cannot do it all themselves. They cannot be in 10 places at once and they only have 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 ears, and 2 eyes. This is limiting, especially when you are a busy career-driven individual. If you need help tackling everything, divide and conquer. Use great businesses (even better if they are local!) to help you do it all - and then some. A great Georgia-based business is Criterion Technology, Inc. They do injection molding lenses, thermoforming, CCTV, subsea systems, and more. They have 30+ years of experience and all of their products are made 100% in the USA. Leaning on great companies (like Criterion) is a great way to give yourself the extra support you need.

These habits are the building blocks to success. They help successful people stay organized, motivated, and productive. They also help to stay focused and achieve their goals. Successful people form these habits to become the best version of themselves and to reach their full potential. These habits are the foundations of success and should be practiced regularly.

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December 16, 2022

5 Steps for Finishing Out a Basement

5 Steps for Finishing Out a Basement

I don’t claim to know it all when it comes to finishing out a basement, but there are a few steps that everyone has to do when finishing out a basement and that is what we are talking about today - how to do a basement finish practically and without spending a fortune. Let’s jump into the steps for finishing out a basement!

First and foremost, you will want to begin with the framework. I highly recommend getting a professional's opinion on this because unless you have experience with engineering, framework, and loads, you might do more harm than good, trying to take the project on yourself. For example, if you need to open up a wall, would you be 100% certain that it’s not a load-bearing necessity for structural support? If you have any small sliver of doubt in your mind, use a professional for this part of your basement finish. Trust me - it will be very worth it! Framing out closets and other rooms is not very hard, but if you do not know anything about structural engineering, you better just sit back and relax.

After you have your framework done, you can begin doing plumbing work, because you will know where you need water (ie. bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, etc.). Plumbing work has the potential to become tricky depending on what you need, but if the plumbing work is pretty straightforward, a lot of people can do it easily with a little help from handy dandy YouTube! If you need to install pumps for toilets, or if you have to Sauter metal piping, this is where it gets a bit trickier. Or, if you are not a handy person and need a little assistance, once again, it’s better to sit back and let the professionals get to work. One thing that I will say is that if you are not certain of your ability to run piping without leaks, don’t do it. Water damage is definitely not something that you want to mess around with because it has the potential to really ruin a house - or even the health of the people who are living in that house. A great example of that is my friend, Alex. She recently moved into a new home, not knowing that there was extensive mold under her shower tiles. She started experiencing full-body hives every single day. They just started demo-ing the shower, because she expected mold, and they found huge amounts of really toxic black mold all over the tiles, down beneath the concrete pad, and all along the waterproofing. While she still has hives (not all of the mold is out yet), she already feels so much better. This goes to show that mold 100% can affect someone and it should be avoided at all costs.

Before you finish your drywall, you’ll need to run electrical to all of your rooms. A lot of basements already have electrical installed, so this may or may not be something that you need to do.

This is a good one and it’s something that you 100% need to hire out yourself. HVAC is one of the most expensive parts of a basement finish, but it’s very worth it. If you are re-doing your basement, you might as well make it comfortable, so add that HVAC in as soon as you can!
Final touches

Last but not least, work on your final touches like tile, countertops, paint, and window finishing. If you need a company that makes countertops Amazon easy, check out Click Countertops. They should be your go-to for quartzite countertops and more because they have the experience AND great reviews. They have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and their mission is to save you time, money, and headaches.

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5 House Hunting Tips To Look For First Time Buyers

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Purchasing a home can be some of the most exciting moments of your adulthood but it can also be extremely stressful. Although there are a few details that might look different right now, the overall process of buying a home remains the same and figuring out the key steps can help you reach your goal and make your dream a reality with just a few things. Regardless of when you actually plan to buy a home, there are a few tips you need to look out for. On average, looking for the perfect home can take roughly a few months. You need about 2-4 months to find the right house and then add another month to close. The process can also take a while as well such as looking at your credit and financing options, finding a real estate agent and making offers to negotiate the right price.

Buying a home can be stressful during the best of times, and it might feel positively overwhelming during a pandemic. Although a few of the details may look different right now, the overall process of buying remains the same — and understanding the key steps can help you reach your goal and make your dream a reality.

1. Credit Score

One of the biggest tips to helping you house hunt is knowing what you can actually afford. Your credit score has a lot to do with this. A credit report is pulled from data from three major credit reporting agencies including Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. In this report, it shares both your FICO score and your Vantage score. The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate you’ll receive. Generally speaking, a credit score of 720 or higher will get you a good interest rate on a conventional loan, but qualification criteria depends on the specific lender. For FHA loans, you can usually get approved with a credit score of 580 or higher. If you are unhappy with your score there are a few ways to impact your score including the type of credit, length of your credit history, total debit and payment history. 

2. What Can You Afford

Once you are pre approved a lender will tell you the max amount you are able to borrow. Once you have a budget in mind, make a list of some of your must-have home features. Your price point will dictate the size , location and amenities of your future home. Below are a few ideas to keep in mind such as the type of home, preferred location, square footage, number of bathrooms and bedrooms and school district.

3. Location

Next to finding out what you can afford, location is the biggest thing first time homeowners look for. If you can’t find or afford a home in your ideal neighborhood you’ll want to look at one that fits your budget, your needs and your lifestyle. Remember, your home’s location cannot be changed so take time to really look at them and where you’ll be the happiest living for a few years. 

Scorpion Septic

4. Help From Professionals

If there is a home you love and it comes with a septic tank, something which you may not know much about, call in the professionals to make sure everything is up to date. The friendly staff at Scorpion Septic can help answer any questions for first time buyers, show you how everything works as well as how to properly care for your septic tank. They can run by how to clean the tank, tips and tricks for maintenance year round and more and as one of the best septic pump business’s in the Dallas, Georgia area, you will be more than impressed with the quality of work they provide. 
5. Keep In Mind Needs Vs Wants

There’s a big difference between wants and needs, so create two different lists when searching for a home. For instance, a shorter commute may be a must-have, but smart home features are a nice-to-have. Practicality and functionality should always take priority over the bells and whistles!

As you begin your house hunting tours, keep these tips in mind, do your best to find one that fits the must wish list and also see what you can afford but don’t feel as if you need to purchase a home at the top of your budget. Again, you can always work on cosmetic items and go slow when making this house a home.

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November 10, 2022

4 Mistakes People Make When Moving To The City

4 Mistakes People Make When Moving To The City
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Moving to a big city for the first time can be such an incredible moment in your life. There are so many things to be excited about including greater opportunities for growth in both your professional and personal life, endless options when looking for entertainment during the day or night as well as a unique chance to discover who you are and what you want out of life. Of course, you also might be a bit worried and not sure what to expect when you reach your destination so a few tips might help you acclimate and readjust to your new city. 

1. Do Your Research

Regardless of if you have lived in the city before, it’s a good idea to research the new city you’ll be moving to. If you know someone who has lived or currently lives in that city, then contact them and request any important information that will give you a better advantage. Research the housing options to find a place you like and can afford. Another idea would be to look into employment options in case you are moving and do not have a job lined up. Also, get familiar with any regulations or local laws such as if you are bringing a car and looking into parking on the street or in a garage. Last, be sure to look at the weather so you know what clothes you need to pack.

2. Find A Job

If you are moving to the city because of a job, that is wonderful because it is one less thing you have to worry about. However, many high school or college graduates move to the city to find a better job so it’s essential to start looking right away. Update your resume and mentally prepare for a tough fit. In big cities, it’s normal to have hundreds of applicants for one single job listing. Do not become discouraged by the competition and visit career fairs, look into free services or professional recommendations to make your resume stand out from the rest of the group.

3. Budget Wisely

You’ll soon learn that it can be very challenging to move to a big city than to live in a small town. Costs of living are hired with food, transportation, services, housing, and utilities. Even look into perhaps getting a car to help avoid taking taxis or uber everywhere. As a result, the higher cost of living will require much tighter control over what you spend your money on because you want to be able to stretch it as far as possible. Cities give you a chance to shop smarter with several deals, freebies, discount coupons, and more! Look into public parks, free concerts on admission-free days at your favorite museums too.

Image: Big T Moving and Delivery

4. Hiring Movers to Assist You

It might seem simple to move to the city and you might think it’s saving you money but this could be more difficult than you realize. Hiring a moving company to help you move your possessions not only allows you to focus on other important items but also gives you peace of mind to get everything done. A popular company called Big T Moving And Delivery. Since 2006 their outstanding service had led them to group as one of Atlanta's best professional movers. They can perform the duties of a local and long-distance moving company to the best of their ability. Moving to any new place, whether it be in Georgia or another state, can be stressful and experi3ence. All kinds of things could worry you about such a major change. They take all the uncertainty out of the equation for you. Be sure to give these movers in John’s Creek the ones to help you!

Hopefully, these mistakes can help you look into what you don’t want to do when you move
from the city. Be sure to go out and meet new people, talk to your neighbors and enjoy the time you have exploring your new concrete jungle.

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Paying Real Property Tax in the Philippines


It is barely two months to go before we leave the year 2022. Every first month of the year is allotted for paying yearly taxes to the local government. Business permits, professional taxes, and real estate property tax to name a few.

Last year, was the first time I paid for the real property tax of our house since it was transferred to our name in 2019. That was 3 years to pay.
I was shocked when I saw the total amount of more than PhP 8000. When I checked the details, penalties make the total amount to be paid at that much cost. The penalty imposed was made monthly.
Here are some ideas regarding Real Property Tax in the Philippines. (Disclaimer: I am not an expert on real property matters.)
Real property tax or RPT is one way to add income to the local government. The owners of the property are responsible and accountable when it speaks with RPT. This applies to residential, agricultural, and commercial properties. The provision regarding RPT is stated in the Republic Act No. 7160 or Local Government Code II.
Under Section 233 of RA 7160, the tax depends on the location and the assessed value of the property. For those located in Metro Manila, the tax will be calculated as 2% of the assessed value; for provincial locations, only 1% shall be implemented.
The LGU may also impose an additional tax for the Special Education Fund to be used in the local school’s budget. The rate is fixed at a value of 1% of the assessed value of the property.
Schedule of Payment
The RPT is shall be paid on or before January 31. For large amounts, a quarterly payment can be an option. March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 are the schedules for the first, second, third, and fourth quarters, respectively.
Unpaid properties will incur an accrued interest rate of 2%. If you fail to pay for three years, the total amount may increase to about 72% just like what happened to us.
Based on our experience, paying the RPT on or before the due date will avoid penalties. 
Remember that owning a property does not end after paying the total value. It was coined with the accountability to the Local Government. 
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September 1, 2022

How to Start Budgeting and Saving Money

How to Start Budgeting and Saving Money

When pandemic hits the world, a lot of people realized the importance of having a savings or an emergency fund. This is because many people lost their jobs due to  economic disruption brought by lockdowns.

If you are one of those people who have learned a lesson the hard way, then maybe it's time to start budgeting and saving money. Budgeting and saving money is not easy for obvious reasons that buying nonessentials is easier. But  sure thing is, it is possible and doable.

Budgeting is the process of creating a plan to spend your money and that spending plan is called a budget. Creating a budget can help you feel more in control of your finances and make you save money easier. A well-laid spending plain can help you reorganize your finances, spend wisely and prevent having debts.

Below are the steps to help you to start budgeting and saving money.

Put together all your record of income and expenses

First of all, you need to gather all your financial statements, which includes electronic or paper bills, receipts, pay slip, bank statements and all the record of income and expenses for at least a month. This is to create a monthly average for your budget-making.

Calculate your monthly income

To create an effective budget, you must know your net income. Net income is the your take-home pay or total wages less deductions like taxes, loans and employer-provided programs like health insurance and social security plan. If you're a freelancer, self-employed or business owner, make sure to have a tracking list of your contracts, pay and earnings to be help you manage an irregular income. 

Determining your net income is important. Because focusing on your total or gross salary and/or earnings can lead to overspending since you’ll think you have more available money than you do.

Track your expenses

Once you calculate your net income, the next step is to determine your expenses. Track and categorize your expenses to know what you are spending the most and help you save easier.

List down all the expenses you expect to have during a month. Start by listing fixed expenses, which are the mandatory expenses that remain the same from month to month, such as:
  • House amortization or rent
  • Insurance
  • Retirement fund
  • Education plan
  • Car amortization
Then list down the variable expenses, where you might find opportunities to cut back and save. This includes:
  • Groceries
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Personal care
  • Dining out
  • Child care
  • Travel
  • Transportation costs (fare, gas, etc.)
  • Savings
Have a record of your daily spending. You can write it down on a handy notebook, mobile financial app or on spreadsheets.

Set a realistic financial goals

Make a list of your short- and long-term financial goals to give you a direction and clarity when making decisions about your finances. Short-term goals should take around one or three years, which include setting a budget, reducing debt, and starting an emergency fund. While long-term financial goals may take a decade like saving for your children's education or your retirement fund. These goals will show you if you’re moving in the right direction.

Review your income and expenses

Total your monthly income, and your expenses. If your income is higher than your expenses, you are off to a good start and have extra money to put funds towards other areas of your budget. However, if your expenses are more than your income, that means you are overspending. You need to make some changes and find areas in your variable expenses where you can cut down.

But if your expenses are far above your income, reducing your variable expenses may not be enough. You may need to increase your income and cut down your fixed expenses to balance your budget. Remember your aim is to have your income and expense column equal, which means all of your income is accounted for and budgeted on a specific expense or financial goal.

Implement your budget plan

After reviewing your income and expenses, it's time to take the necessary steps to put your budget plan on works.

Monitor and continue to track your expenses everyday to avoid overspending and to help you identify unnecessary expenses. Make it a habit to record your expenses daily rather than delaying it until next week or next month.

Include saving in your budget

Include a savings category in your budget. Aim to save an amount that is comfortable to you then increase your savings up to 15 to 20 percent of your income.

Cut down debts and loans

Cut down unnecessary credit card expenses and learn to use your credit card wisely. If you need to make a loan or cash advance, make sure you really need it. Choose an online cash advance with lower interest and easy term payment. Just be careful not to be tricked with online cash advance scam.

Reduce expenses

Cut down your expenses on unnecessary things. Like instead of dining out every week, reduce its frequency to every month, every other month or to just when there's an occasion. Always think that even small savings can add up to a lot of money and you might be surprised at how much extra money you accumulate by making one minor adjustment at a time.

It is important that you know your priorities but not necessarily depriving your self. Review your budget and check your progress regularly. This will help you not only stick to your budget plan, but also identify and fix problems quickly.

Having knowledge on how to budget and save money may even inspire you to find more ways to save and hit your financial goals faster. 

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August 6, 2022

Online Web Games You Should Try

Well, I grew up playing board games. My favorite as a kid is Snakes and Ladders and  Minesweeper Classic, which I learned to play on a computer when I started working.

Through the years, board games have emerged. From being table top games to pre-install computer games, and now online web games that you can play via computer or your mobile phone.

Playing online games can kill boredom and if you are working, it can be a good break from work stress. So now, let me share some online web games that you should try.

I used to play this game as a kid. Together with a friend we play this on a piece of paper where in we drew a table and write the X and O. But now you can play Tic-Tac-Toe online using your computer or mobile phone. As mentioned, this a popular game for kids where each player tries to get 3 in a row. You can also play in a larger grid sizes where you must get 4 in a row instead. You can also choose to play against each other or the computer.

Uno is another classic board games for kids and also adults. In this game, players can select to play against 1 to 3 competitors where the players dealt 7 cards each and goes clockwise. The goal of the game is to lay down all your cards first.

Similar to Uno classic game, each player tries to run out of card first. But the cool feature in this version is you can play against friends all around the world directly in your web browser, rather than playing against the computer. You can select how many friends you would like to play against, then create a room and share with them and play.

This is a popular three dimensional puzzle in which the players try to match colors on each side of the cube. You can see the left, right and top sides of the cube. You can click can click on and drag any of the three rows or columns of the cube to rotate them and move color pieces around. Also you can place their finger or curser outside the edge of the cube in order to rotate which sides of the cube they are viewing. There's a timer that appears above the game and time will begin as soon as you rotate a section of the cube.

In this online board game, you can choose to play against the computer or a human opponent using the same computer. This game has 3 levels of difficulty and also timed with points reduced for taking a long time to make a play.

Those are some online web games that you and your kids should try. Let me know your experience and what other online games you have tried and enjoyed playing.

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June 13, 2022

5 Advantages of Having a Car During COVID-19 Pandemic

Three years since the pandemic started, our life is starting to get back to normal. Most people are back to work now, kids are going to school again and travelling is now allowed. We call this as the "new normal". 

Life goes on for everyone. And with the recent pandemic experience, many people who have no vehicles or cars before are buying their own.

Having your own vehicle or car has a lot of advantages and this is especially true during the pandemic. Here are the advantages that come with having your own car.

5 Advantages  of Having a Car During COVID-19 Pandemic


Having a car is having your freedom when travelling. Using public transports could be detrimental. When you have your own car, you don't need to worry about reaching your destination on time or missing your bus.

Having your own car means you don' t have to adjust your schedule to others or your don't need to rely on others to get to your destination. You can go to places you want, anytime and any day you want to travel. You don't need to worry about the availability of trips and public transports in that particular place. You are sell-reliant in that way.

Freedom to take long drives

If you are a traveler then buying your own car means investment. Because having a car means freedom to take long drives. Planning a trip alone or with your family is easier when you have your own car. 

Having your own car is especially remarkable during unplanned trips. You have the freedom to go to places anytime you want. So if you love to travel, consider buying your own car. You may want to check the auto calculators to know what car fit your budget.


One of the advantages of having a car is control over the driver seat, which gives your more control over the driving. Unlike when you ride public transports when you rely your safety in the hands of other drivers.

Also, during pandemic travelling with your own car means being safe from germs and viruses found in public transports. Taking public transportation can make you more at risk of infection. In public transportation, you may meet potential carriers but if you have your own a car, you can control of who gets in and out of it. 

Save time

Having your own car means not relying on the availability of public transports. This is especially true for those living with a hectic life who need to get use of their time efficiently. Having your car helps reduce downtime by avoiding congested highways or main road and taking short routes to school or work.


When you have your own car, one of the advantages is easy access during emergencies. Moreover, you can avoid health exposure when riding ambulance and the cost of it. Thus, you can save on medical expenses and get you to where you need to be in case of emergency when you have your own car. 

Getting a car is a practical thing to do especially of our growing population. Public transports get easily crowded and congested, which is not a good idea at our current health situation. Having your own car gives you freedom to go anywhere you need to go. If you live a busy life then having a car can make your life so much easier by making better use of your time. 

Having your own car offers more flexibility especially during Covid-19 pandemic. But since we are in pandemic, you may want to check what you need yo know when buying a car.
But always remember that having a car means you need to be financially prepare. Because spending money does not ends with buying a car. You need to consider after sales service, repair and maintenance.

So that's the advantages of having a car during pandemic. I hope these helps you decide if you are still undecided to buy.

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