November 11, 2021

Fun Games On

There are many ways that we can play cards, either with opponents or alone. In the absence of physical cards, we can play using applications installed on gadgets. A playing cards can be also enjoyed through online means.

When we speak of playing cards online, offers various choices. It does not only offer different solitaire games online but other card and fun arcade games too.


There are bunch of choices but here are the major categories and few games under each group. Browsing and playing games on is absolutely free.

Common Card Games 

Card games include some of the common games like Hearts , Vegas Poker, Crazy Eights, and others.



Hearts is actually one of my favorite default games in personal computer way back years ago.

Mahjong Solitaire Tile Games

Mahjong Solitaire category includes China Mahjong, Black and White Dimensions, and even the cute Panda Mahjong.

Panda Mahjong

In this game, all you need is to eliminate all the Mahjong tiles by removing a pair of tiles with the same characters until all of the tiles have been removed.


Hidden Object Games

The Hidden Object Games will exercise your eyes in finding objects hidden in the picture. The faster the better. Beware of clicking the wrong picture because points will be deducted for every mistake.

China Temple

There are different landscapes to be pick like China Temple, The Palace Hotel, Hidden Kitchen, Hidden Princess, and Garden Secrets Hidden Objects,

Garden Secrets Hidden Objects


Match 3 Games 

This category is inspired by Candy Crush and Zuma.

Candy Fiesta

You can choose from the list of games like Candy Fiesta, Treasures of Atlantis, Zuma Ball, and Zuma Legends.

Zuma Legends


Logic Puzzle Games 

Another group of online games in is the Logic Puzzle.


The Classic Minesweeper, Chess Grandmaster, Tetra Blocks, and Sudoku are just some of the logic games. 


Tetrablocks is the well-known tetris.

Word Games

To enhance your vocabulary, Word Games can be a great category to browse and pick a game. Crossword Puzzle, Letter Scramble, and Word Search are just some of the choices.

Daily Crossword Puzzle


There are other Fun Arcade Games  available like Cookie Monster, Merge Cakes, and Tennis  are also a great choice when doing online games.



With the above list of online games, can be concluded that it does not only offer various solitaire card games but it also has many fun games to choose from.

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