May 23, 2017

Our Little Bossing is Back!

After two months of vacationing, our little bossing is back.

Though we still don't have a new house help, thanks to my sister for agreeing to be with us until June. With that having no house help still, I feel the pressure of giving up my work.

That thing called "mommy guilt" strikes again. I wish things are just easy so do decision makings. Nevertheless, I trust God's plan. We still have more than two weeks to find a new househelp or I'll make a big decision in life.

For now, I will focus on the positive side and do my mommy duties. Because my son's 7th birthday is fast approaching. So I started with doing these felt cloth letters as DIY party decorations for his DIY party at home on his birthday.

Speaking of his 7th birthday, we already reserved a McDonald's birthday party before his birthday naman. Also, I am still looking for a perfect gift. I'm choosing between a karaoke microphone because my son loves to sing (Read: Matthew the #hugot Singer), or a guitar. Just in time because I saw nice first act electric guitar at

Which ever I choose, for sure my son will appreciate it. Please pray that I also come up with the best decision.

Have a great week ahead!
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