June 13, 2016

Chemist Dad’s Father’s Day Wishlist

Father's Day, Father's Day Quote
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As we all know this month we will be acknowledging the pillars of our homes. We addressed them in many ways, daddy, dad, papa, tatay and much more.

Aside from greeting them a warm and lovely “Happy Father’s Day!”, giving them a special token can make their hearts grow. The usual gifts for this occasion are clothes, leathers, shoes, and accessories but here are other items in my list that you may also consider as token either for your dad or your hubby. Medyo may kamahalan nga lang. LOL

Stationary Bike or Treadmill
These past months, I am serious about my weight-loss goal. Though I am still far from my target weight, some already noticed that I shed extra pounds.

I don’t have enough time to do some cardio which I know will help speed-up in burning calories. Last month, Mommy and I were eyeing for a stationary bike or treadmill so both of us can do cardio activities even at home.

Mountain Bike
This item usually caught my attention every time I passed a bicycle store. Though the stationary bike is already enough, iba pa din ung lalabas ka ng bahay and take a stroll around the village or even to other places.

New sets of dumb bells
I have a two pieces of 10-pound weights at home. Since I added lifting weights with my weight-loss goal to tone muscles, the weights seem to be light already. This means that I need for an upgrade. 

Instead of having a fixed weight, I suggest having the one with adjustable weights. In case you need for another upgrade, additional disks will be purchase instead of the whole set.

I love watching movies at home. Our TV set is already enough and gives a nice picture quality but there are times the volume is too low and I need to set it at maximum level. However, during playtime, there are instances that I need to lower the volume because of the sound effects that suddenly increases.

With an external speaker installed, watching movies will be more enjoyed. Adding EQ software  can put your viewing experience to a different level.

Do you have any Father’s Day gift suggestions?
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