December 28, 2021

Fun Kids Food Games

Although kids are already allowed to go out, many parents like me are still hesitant to let them go outside. Almost two years of staying at home, they are surely bored spending most of their times at home.

To kill their boredom, let them learn new skills like cooking. Teach your kids to cook the fun way by playing kids food games at Culinary

You can teach your kids how to boil eggs with The Boiled Eggs game.

The Boiled Eggs 

In this game, players boil eggs in multiple different pots at the same time by tracking the temperature of different pots and adjusting it as needed. It's a simple but exciting game because you need to keep track of many things at once just like when someone is working in a kitchen during hectic periods.

Here's how to play the game.

You can also teach your kids how to bake through this  Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake game. 

Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake

Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake is also a simple game. Here the children are familiarizes with the kitchen and how to follow a recipe. 

You will be instructed to click the items pointed to follow a recipe.

Try the Merge Cakes too.

Merge Cakes

This is a simple merging game where you obtain pastries to create better pastries and earn more. Level up by unlocking delicious new recipes.

If your kids love pizza, like my eldest son, they will surely enjoy this Pizza Party.

Pizza Party

In this game you will make and serve pizzas using ingredients like tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms, basil and pepperoni as per customers' choice. It will be a bit boring at first but as you go to higher levels you can choose between making advanced pizzas like quattro stagioni to go with basic margherita, marinara and pepperoni pizzas.

By the way, there are holiday themed games too like this Christmas Candy bubble shooter game. Just shoot 3 or more of the same type of bubbles to remove them from the playing field.

Christmas Candy

I just find the game too small in my computer screen and it's hard to see the design. But overall, I enjoyed this game.

Here's another holiday themed game, the Candy Cane Hit.

Candy Cane Hit

This game is patterned after the popular mobile knife throwing games. All you need to do is hit the apples on the spinning wheel and avoid hitting the candy canes already on the wheel.

Those are just some of the kids food games you and your kids can try. They will surely love to learn how to cook or bake after playing these games.

Please tell me your favorite games.

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November 11, 2021

Fun Games On

There are many ways that we can play cards, either with opponents or alone. In the absence of physical cards, we can play using applications installed on gadgets. A playing cards can be also enjoyed through online means.

When we speak of playing cards online, offers various choices. It does not only offer different solitaire games online but other card and fun arcade games too.


There are bunch of choices but here are the major categories and few games under each group. Browsing and playing games on is absolutely free.

Common Card Games 

Card games include some of the common games like Hearts , Vegas Poker, Crazy Eights, and others.



Hearts is actually one of my favorite default games in personal computer way back years ago.

Mahjong Solitaire Tile Games

Mahjong Solitaire category includes China Mahjong, Black and White Dimensions, and even the cute Panda Mahjong.

Panda Mahjong

In this game, all you need is to eliminate all the Mahjong tiles by removing a pair of tiles with the same characters until all of the tiles have been removed.


Hidden Object Games

The Hidden Object Games will exercise your eyes in finding objects hidden in the picture. The faster the better. Beware of clicking the wrong picture because points will be deducted for every mistake.

China Temple

There are different landscapes to be pick like China Temple, The Palace Hotel, Hidden Kitchen, Hidden Princess, and Garden Secrets Hidden Objects,

Garden Secrets Hidden Objects


Match 3 Games 

This category is inspired by Candy Crush and Zuma.

Candy Fiesta

You can choose from the list of games like Candy Fiesta, Treasures of Atlantis, Zuma Ball, and Zuma Legends.

Zuma Legends


Logic Puzzle Games 

Another group of online games in is the Logic Puzzle.


The Classic Minesweeper, Chess Grandmaster, Tetra Blocks, and Sudoku are just some of the logic games. 


Tetrablocks is the well-known tetris.

Word Games

To enhance your vocabulary, Word Games can be a great category to browse and pick a game. Crossword Puzzle, Letter Scramble, and Word Search are just some of the choices.

Daily Crossword Puzzle


There are other Fun Arcade Games  available like Cookie Monster, Merge Cakes, and Tennis  are also a great choice when doing online games.



With the above list of online games, can be concluded that it does not only offer various solitaire card games but it also has many fun games to choose from.

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October 21, 2021

Lover-Beauty: An Online Fitnesswear Store

Workouts or simple exercise routines need to pick clothing that will be comfortable. Sometimes, wearing the right fabric can boost your willingness to continue and finish your daily routine. 

Mall and department stores offer a wide variety of clothing that will suit your needs when we speak of workouts. Unfortunately, different malls and stores have their restrictions. Because of this, many diverted to online shopping.

One online shop where you can find different sportswear is the Lover-Beauty.

Lover-Beauty's major products are waist trainers, shapewear, and body shaper collections.

Waist Trainers

Waist trainers help in removing extra fats in the tummy area. It aids in shaping your waist to the desired size. Fabrics can be a choice of neoprene or latex.

Aside from waist trainers, cami tank tops and waist belts are also available.


Like the waist trainers, sportswear is classified into different categories: Sports set, yoga leggings, sports top, gym shorts, sports accessories, and plus-size sports suit.


Another line of products of Lover-Beauty are shapewear. Under this category are full body shapers, butt lifters, shapewear leggings, seamless shapewear, and other accessories.

Prices are reasonable for every product. 

Customized Products

Lover-Beauty has over 2000 unbranded items that are prepared if you want a customized product. All you need is to send then your logo to be printed in garments.

From sportswear to waist trainers, including paper tags and washing instruction labels. They are also offering discounted wholesale shapewear

To know more about Lover Beauty:

Started in 2011, it is a comprehensive entereprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales, with cross-border e-commerce as its operating model.

The main products are waist trainer, shapewear, body shapewear colelctions. The annual output is over 2 million pieces with more than 300 styles to give you more choices.

With this, having your own wholesale lingerie and building your busniess with drop shipping has never been easier.

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September 23, 2021

Educational Web-Based Online Games

Since the implementation of community quarantines because of the pandemic, the movement of individuals is being restricted. Since then, kids have not been allowed to go out of their homes except for essential purposes.

Since kids stay at home the whole day, they tend to rely on technology as their pastime. Many kids become addicted to online games both mobile and web-based because they cannot go outside and play physical games.

As parents, it is very alarming to know that your kids are at risk to be involved in online games. Their school performance may be affected.

In addition, many kids nowadays become addicted to online games. Their school habits may have been affected.

What to do with this dilemma? As parents, it is difficult for us to eliminate their urge to online games. Teaching them discipline can be a great help. Letting them know when and how to manage their time in playing online games.

Another thing is to look for educational online games. I was lucky to find
free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home, offers free web-based online games. There are various game categories and one of them is educational. Kids will enjoy playing online games and enhance their skills in mathematics, spelling, and many more.

Here are just some of the many educational games.

free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home,

Since most kids do online schools, some of their activities and examinations are computer-based. Learning how to type in the keyboard faster is a great help.
free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home,
SpeedType game lets kids practice their typing skills by spelling out the words on the screen. Players are being scored based on their typing speed and accuracy.

Kids will be tested for their spelling skills.
free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home,
A picture will be shown, then the player will shoot asteroids with corresponding letters until all have been spelled out.
free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home,

Music is one of the subjects under the MAPEH and learning different musical instruments can be a part of the music subject.
free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home,

Piano Tiles is an endless rhythm tapping game. The black tile that moves down should be tapped or else the game is over. This is best played using either a mobile or a tablet.

This game is a combination of logic and solving a mathematical equation.
free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home,

The number of matches to be removed or add will appear before solving the equation.
free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home,

The matches will then burn once the equation has been solved.

Like Zombie typing , Defense Math deals with zombies too. You need to defend yourself from attacking zombies. 
free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home,

Infinite mathematical questions, from the category of your choice (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) should be answered correctly and as fast as you can.
free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home,

Every correct answer will shoot one zombie. Keeping yourself away from the zombie is the only way to continue the game.

Kids must be taught spiritual knowledge too. The Bible Trivia Quiz  is a good way for kids to know the difference stories from the Bible.   
free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home,

Bible Trivia Quiz is a 100-question about the Bible. Bible Trivia Quiz can be a great help to enhance kid’s minds about the bible.
free online games,,free educational web-based games,school,home and living,Educational online games,home,

There are other educational games on that will enhance kids' minds. However, it is still important to teach them the discipline in using gadgets. It is not only on choosing good online games but internet etiquette as well.

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March 18, 2021

Protect Your Hard Work and Flowers

Every spring you begin the fulfilling work of renewing, replanting, and caring for your garden and lawn. It is both a hobby and a chore, but you are no doubt proud of the work you’ve done and do every year. Weeding, raking, turning the soil, planting, mulching, and watering daily might be your favorite thing to do. The results of all that hard work are often stunning.

photo source

Hours, days, and weeks of hard work pay off soon as tender annuals bloom and your flower bed looks more beautiful than the year before. One morning you prepare to tend your lawn or garden by watering as usual. You begin to unreel the high-quality garden hose you’ve invested in and make your way to water your plants. Perhaps you pull a bit hard to get a little more reach on the hose that morning and—boom—you’ve accidentally flattened or worse, decapitated tender new shoots and flowers from your well-cared-for flower bed.

This scenario unfortunately is familiar for so many gardeners. Luckily, there is a wonderfully easy solution to protect your hard work and flowers all at once.

You may be familiar with them, if not, it is called a hose guide and it will help save your plants without marring the beautiful vista of greenery you’ve worked hard to create.

What are Hose Guides?

Simply put hose guides are objects that can be placed around corners of flower beds or around sensitive plants to prevent your garden hose from dragging over them. Functional, well-made hose guides are an excellent investment to protect the hard work that you do. The payoff is instant, as it saves you time from having to fix an uprooted plant, or having to purchase a new one, or having to start all over from seed once again.

How Long Will a Good Hose Guide Last?

If you purchase a hose guide made from the right materials, unlike plastic guides, they should last many, many years. Some exceptionally made hose guides may come with a 10-year warranty. With proper care and premium materials, your hose guide should last you several years without having to worry about replacement, corrosion, or breakage.

How to Choose a Quality Hose Guide

There are a wide variety of different hose guides to find. Some of them are ornamental and add beauty to a lawn, some of them are purely functional and may be obvious. A few of them can blend in seamlessly with your lawn or garden. Given how much time and effort you put into your flower beds, gardens and lawn, a hose guide should not detract from your efforts.
  • Look for a hose guide that doesn’t detract from the beauty of your lawns, gardens, and flowers. 
  • A hose guide should provide both innovative design and extremely user-friendly features. It should be easy to install and use. 
  • A quality hose guide should not snag or make it more difficult to unreel more hose when you need it. A garden hose shouldn’t catch or stick to a hose guide. While a hose guide that your hose sticks or catches on still protects plants, unfortunately, that just makes watering your garden more difficult as you will need to take time to struggle with the garden hose. 
  • High-quality materials made to withstand outdoor use. A hose guide will be outside during sun, rain, wind, and all sorts of weather. If it is made from subpar materials that cannot withstand UV rays or are not corrosion and rust-resistant, you might find yourself having to repeatedly purchase a new hose guide over and over. Not only is that a waste of time and your hard-earned cash, but a weak hose guide could also unexpectedly break in the middle of use which then presents the same problem—your hose accidentally crushing or tearing out plants. 
  • A hose guide should pivot as well. Having a pivoting hose guide allows the guide to be able to move with the garden hose to keep it captured and ensure that it won’t slip off. 
  • As well as not detracting from your landscape, you should be able to hide your hose guide when not in use. The ground tube should easily blend in with the yard and not become a tripping hazard at the same time.

With such an important role a good hose guide plays, it truly is a must-have to protect your hard work and flowers. It is a perfect tool for every landscaper, no matter their experience. Therefore, if you haven’t gotten one yet, consider purchasing one to save yourself valuable time, effort, money, and your beautiful gardens. 

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