August 23, 2018

How to Customize Wedding Invitation Cards

Getting married is not really cheap. But there are many ways to cut down your expenses and still have your dream wedding. By planning your wedding, saving for it and setting a budget, you can keep your wedding expenses getting out of hand.

Aside from those above, you can be your own wedding planner and make your wedding personalized. If you have time, you can personally buy your wedding supplies, needs and souvenir or make a do it yourself wedding souvenir.

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Also, you can make your own wedding invitation cards online. There are  like Basic Invite that offers a variety of wedding invitations card designs, which you can customize.

Basic Invite is a mobile friendly website that is very easy to use. It is one of the few websites that allows customers to choose over 180 different color options with previews online. What sets Basic Invite apart from almost any other stationery company is that they make sure you can have your card exactly the way you want.

In addition to wedding invitation cards, Basic Invite offers over 40 different colors of peel and seal envelopes that can be quickly and securely closed. Or you can have a Seal and Send Wedding Invitations, their newest collection available in over 30 designs. Seal and Send Wedding Invitations are all-in-one wedding invitation with a tear-off RSVP postcard, which make extra special with printed guests' addresses on tits front so you don't need an envelope.

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Basic Invite also has over 900 wedding invitation sets that include save the dates, wedding invitation, enclosure cards, wedding menus, wedding programs and thank you cards as well. 

How to customize wedding invitation cards at Basic Invite? Just easy. You just need to upload all your wedding details, photos and even a direction map for your guests. Choose colors and design to match your wedding theme.

What is more really exciting is that you can order a printed sample of your actual invitation so you can see before hand how it is printed as well as its paper quality before placing your final order.

You can also use their free address collection service to request your addresses with just three easy steps: share a link, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing.

Sounds great savings right? Both money and time. So when planning a wedding, add your to your checklist these customized wedding invitation cards.
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August 19, 2018

What I Found Out About Companies Like Testclear

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Are you into smoking the big MJ? Better read this!

Okay. I know I just sounded like an infomercial that advocates a clean, weed-free lifestyle, but really, I’m not. If anything I’m pro-weed. Medicinal marijuana, that is. It helped me a lot with chronic pain when it hit me at its worst (It’s researched!). It helped improve my appetite, my mood, and everything else I could not think of at the moment. All I know is that marijuana has done more good than bad. I think the only bad thing that happened to me ever since I started using it, is the fact that I get hippie stares whenever I get on a bus smelling like a joint. I know, sometimes, perfume just doesn’t work.

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you to stop using the cognitive enhancer because it risks tumors or anything, I’m actually here to help you with a common problem marijuana users like us usually have.

Can you take a guess? Yep, I’m talking about those darnable drug tests.

In some states, the lucky ones as I’d like to call them, the use of marijuana is 100% legal. This makes me (and you, probably) really envious of how they can freely use the medicinal plant to their hearts desire. Trust me, I’m no dependent. I just find it a real hassle to hide away from the public’s eye whenever I find a need (and I do mean a literal need) to take a dose. I could be in pain and be like “Oh shoot! I need to get to a secluded, seldom-used toilet to relieve myself from pain.” Sometimes, I even hold in the pain, take a couple Tylenol – that really doesn’t do much for me – and wait for my 8-hour shift to end just to brew some Mary Jane tea peacefully at home.

This much, I can actually live with. But then random drug tests would start happening in the company I work for, and it would scare the hell out of me. And questions like these start boggling me out of my mind:

What if I get found out?

Will I lose my job?

Will I become an actual hippie?

How am I going to pay for my meds?

And the list goes on. Nothing really scared me more than drug tests back then. But note that I’m talking in past tense “scared” and “back then.” This means that things are a whole lot better now. Did my company stop doing random employee drug exams? Well, no. It’s actually more rampant now than ever. “Did I stop taking marijuana because I fear getting found out too much?” Not really. I’m not that soft. Simply put, I just found a better solution to end my woes. I have found a good routine to looking clean – inside and out. Here’s what I do:

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It’s Time You Believe In Detox

Detoxing is a surefire way to escape the public eye. It typically takes two to three days to get all the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC toxins out of your system – that is, if you’re NOT A CHRONIC USER. This means that you only use it occasionally, like in my case. However, if you are a chronic user (which I definitely don’t have any problem with; to each his own, after all), it may take a while longer to get all the residues and traces of THC out of your system – about a week or so. I would advise that you also eat healthy at this time and get enough sleep. Your body will recuperate and return to its normal state much faster if you help it.

There Are Other Ways

Of course, you can’t detox when you’re scheduled for a drug test in two days – even if you’re an infrequent user. After all, even if the toxins are mostly out of your body, you can never be sure about what remains. In this case, I use another method which I like to call “instant cleanse.” I use THC flushing products that are guaranteed to help you pass urine, blood, hair, and saliva drug tests. There are many reliable brands you can order online. But for me I get these from TestClear. You can visit their website if you want ( ). And I’ve never failed a drug test since.

Use these two methods together and I guarantee you, you’ll never have to go into hiding again.

*This is a guest post.

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August 11, 2018

Kid Friendly Polvoron Recipe

Hello everyone! It's been a long while since we've posted recipe here. Yes, we - Daddy Allan and I, are the one's updating this blog. And soon our little boy, Matthew Andrei, will join us so it will really call "our family blogs". 

Oops so sorry for a long introduction. Let me go straight with my agenda for today. One weekend, my little boy asked me to make a polvoron. I was surprised that he already like polvoron because he really don't like it. Kaya naman pala he tasted one during their Nutrition Month celebration so maybe he liked the taste.

So here's the very kid friendly polvoron recipe.

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My little boy happily assisted me and was so happy when I called him a little chef.  I will not be surprised if he will love cooking because his Daddy loves to cook too. He also has his own version polvoron recipe.

Watch our Intagram stories to see how my little boy had so much fun making this very kid friendly polvoron.
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August 10, 2018

4 Cost Cutting Measures Your Family Won't Mind

If your family is like most others, chances are that you are set in your ways and habits, especially as far as spending behavior goes. Changing you and your family’s spending habits and cutting cost doesn’t have to be difficult, however. Today we will be taking a look at cost-cutting measure that your family will find easy and fun to take.

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Make Your Own Household Products

Getting your kids on board to make your own cleaning supplies and personal products can save a ton of money. With ingredients such as vinegar, borax, coconut oil, and baking soda, you and your family can produce a wide range of products that you use every day.

This can make a big difference to your shopping costs and, as an added benefit, it will reduce your household’s plastic output which is eco-friendly. Remember to make the products in glass bottles or containers that you already have in the house so that it isn’t necessary to go out and buy containers. You will also be able to reuse the bottles. You will be able to find recipes for cleaning products online that are affordable and effective.

Get rid of Cable

Your cable subscription costs a ton of money and, because of on-demand streaming services, you are not getting the best value possible. By buying a Fire TV as an online streaming device, you can subscribe to almost any streaming service there is. With your Fire TV Stick, you will also receive a remote that will make navigation and search for content just as easy as changing the channel on your cable tv.

Pairing your Firestick remote is easy and quick and it will allow you access to high-quality content at the fraction of the cost you are currently paying for cable. You can also add Kodi to your Firestick to gain access to content-rich add-ons.

Prepare your Food at Home

When trying to save money, you and your family should refrain from eating and buying take away food as this typically is one of the biggest expenses in a household. This does not mean, however, that you can’t have enjoyable and bonding dining experiences. By making an occasion of preparing food at home, you can inspire your kids to love cooking, or you can invite friends over for dinner parties and game night. Occasions like these will not cost you nearly as much as a night out at a restaurant, but it can be just as enjoyable and memorable.

You can also prepare your family’s lunch at home to save money. Buying lunch during the day can also hike your monthly expenses. By preparing your entire family’s lunch at school, you will be able to save a lot of money in the long-run.

Planning is key when you want to get into the habit of preparing food at home. Do an online search to find recipes for healthy, affordable, and tasty meals. Then, plan your grocery shopping list accordingly.


Couponing is a hobby that your family can collectively take part in. Although extreme couponing is a new trend, you don’t have to go so far to save money. By simply opting in for companies’ emails and keeping your eyes open, you will be able to find enough coupons that you can redeem for products or services. Do an online search to find out more about the perks and benefits of couponing.

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August 4, 2018

What Makes Heal N Soothe Reviews Legit?

As of now, Heal N Soothe is still being questioned for its actual capability as the product is not yet regulated by the authorities as a tested product for relieving back pain. But there is a set of people who claim that they are satisfied with the wonders that the product has done for their body and for their lives so far. These people actually don’t know each other but contributed to the product’s reputation in a similar way: through the means of product reviews.
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The reviews found about Heal and Soothe made the product famous around the internet as of now. In fact, there are numerous videos that are making rounds in sites such as YouTube - videos that are talking about the personal experiences of those who tried out the product. To help you find out what those videos are, here are the different things which served as some reasons why many people find Heal N Soothe a legit product nowadays:

Posted by Old People

Admit it or not, people at ages 40 and above are those who tend to experience body pain as they live their busy lives. These are the people who also serve at most times as the target customers of products such as Heal and Soothe. As a result, those who bought the product will tend to post a review containing their experience with the supplement and its effects. That’s why you will get to see numerous people around ages 40 and above who are actively posting details about how the product was used on their part.

To those who are looking to validate the product as a helpful one, just take note that older people don’t often waste time scamming people by telling fake experiences. They will also provide detailed testimonies about their experience to give you more reasons to believe them, and the product in return as well. If it’s not old people who are talking about the product, then take note that people who are living a good life with exercise are the ones posting testimonials about it.

These are Long Videos

The videos that you can see in regards to the product are long and well-detailed. It primarily talks about the experience of those people who tried out the product. Some of them may have found no relief when they purchased an over-the-counter drug, some were claimed to be “saved” by the product as they felt hopeless for relieving their body pain, and some simply tried it out due to their experience of having body pain from activities like exercising.

Thus, expect that these reviews will be long enough to discuss everything in regards to the product and the body condition that the customer had. People who are honest enough will never provide long yet vague details as it will just end up viewers to get bored or even notice that it’s a fake review. As seen from the Herb and Soothe reviews, people are expressing emotions in the lengthy videos - indicating that they are showing true feelings about their experiences.

It Indicates The Product As a Whole

Lastly, reviews are considered as honest details about the product’s overall capability. Reviews are never intended to serve as a promotional content, except when the product has a good overall reputation. But generally, these reviews provide pros and cons about the product. That’s why some may complain a bit about the supplement’s side-effects if there are any, but will still highlight the best things that it has done so far. After all, no product is perfect by the end of the day. So expect a few cons despite the numerous pros that a reputed product has.

Heal N Soothe is one of those products that are gaining popularity not because of its overall capability, but because of its reviews. This is a good way for people to gain clarity over a product that they might be curious or interested at, especially if it’s a sort of medical product that focuses on a serious part of a person’s life: their health.

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Michael Phelps Wants People To Use Talkspace - He Would Have During His Stint Of Alcoholism And Depression, But He Wasn't Aware Of It Back Then

Since every single person who reads this piece was born, being faced with chronic pain, major or minor sicknesses, and other physical ailments has always been acceptable. Talking about the symptoms of such problems has been commonplace throughout relatively recent history and - believe it or not - for the past several hundred years, if not even longer than that.

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Mental health issues, however, haven't been embraced as intimately as their physical counterparts. The stigma against mental health problems has been lifted somewhat in recent years, though it's still very much alive and affects people on a minute-by-minute basis.

In the United States, expert sources haling from the federal government's finest health-related agencies suggest that some 20 percent of Americans suffer from one or more mental health issues at any given time. Since these disorders are so common, why haven't we embraced them as a society thus far? Seemingly nobody has the answer, but we do, fortunately, have a solution - it's not an absolute solution, but it's still an effective solution, nonetheless: Talkspace.

What is Talkspace?

As its name suggests, Talkspace is an organization through which licensed healthcare service providers like psychotherapists and counselors are joined with clients in need of treatment handled through communication such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

Oren and Roni Frank's co-creation operates primarily via a mobile app, though it also allows clients to talk to one another via audio chats or phone calls, text message back and forth traditionally, or simply utilize its mobile application's interface to communicate with each other.

Michael Phelps - the world-class swimmer - suffers from mental health problems, too

Although Michael Phelps' mental health issues - particularly substance abuse disorder as related to alcohol, depression, and anxiety - are well-handled as of today, he went through a dim, dank, dark period a handful of years ago in which he "questioned whether [he] wanted to be alive anymore."

Phelps realized after his months-long alcoholic binge was over that the stigma tied to mental health problems and their treatment - it makes no sense that both having psychological disorders and doing the right thing and staking out treatment are illegal, though that's a modern fact of reality - was the biggest obstacle standing in between the hell he was living in during the peak of his stint as a full-blown alcoholic and the recovered state he's in now and has been for a few years without a single relapse.

As such, he felt partnering with the likes of the company Oren Frank founded would help both cut down on the stigma and negativity associated with mental problems and also help others by funneling others towards the talkspace app.

Phelps believes that he would have been a big fan of the online therapy provided by the talkspace app because he "hadn't left [his] room for five days" during one of the lowest moments of his depressive episode. Being able to reach out to mental health professionals and seek online therapy would have likely encouraged him to seek help far sooner than he eventually did.

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August 1, 2018

Rocketship Education Gets Back At NPR

Rocketship Education is a group of 501(c)(3) non-profit charter schools created 12 years ago in Redwood City, California. Preston Smith and John Danner were its two founders; the former had worked in both the instructional side of teaching and its administrative counterpart, whereas the latter had hands-on experience in building apps for tablets and computers used in class as a means of accomplishing individualized lessons without requiring extensive effort from teachers. The pair made a formidable duo. While Smith has gone back into the tech industry, Preston Smith has stayed with Rocketship Education through thick and thin - he's been its CEO in 2013 when Danner had resigned from the school system.

Rocketship Education, education, school, non-profit network of public elementary charter schools

You won't believe what Rocketship Education became known for

As you almost certainly already know, the public charter school network had almost all of its 19-odd locations in low-income areas; further, kids who grow up in households whose parents or guardians don't make much money are plentiful within the nearly-20-school-deep public charter school system.

Most low-income school districts perform notoriously poor every single year whenever it comes time for the end-of-year standardized state tests. However, Preston Smith's co-creation has since blossomed into one of the hottest schools around the nation.

Rocketship stands up for its personalized education measures

This school system is unique in that it relies on technology on a regular basis for its personalized education applications and programs that now-former CEO John Danner created during his earliest years with Rocketship.

Students spend about 80 minutes each day on their tablets and computers that were provided by the school - as such, they only contain educational-oriented software and nothing else, which effectively makes sure that kids can't log on programs or websites they're not supposed to when they're not taking on their fully-customized lessons - these 80-minute daily blocks in which students play with toys are completely different than

About two years ago, NPR - National Public Radio - wrote a lengthy piece on Rocketship public school system. One of its major criticisms of Rocketship was related to its groundbreaking personalized education program. The author claimed that young children should spend as much time away from tablets, laptops, computers, and other technological devices as possible.

Rocketship and Preston Smith are both glad to boast that schools of similar demographic makeup to RSED can't score as 12nearly as high as Rocketship can on standardized tests carried out by the state that are published at year's end.

RSED did something unique for its intervention program

In addition to claiming that the personalized education program relied on technology too much, they also complained that the lowest members of faculty and staff inside Rocketship facilities are tasked with managing students during daily personalized education efforts.

Instead of having kids go to a traditional intervention program, the use of technology and their employment of the proprietary programs that John Danner brought to the table when he co-founded Rocketship.

The last thing NPR had to say about the very-popular charter school network of Rocketship Ed. facilities was...

Rocketeers - the nickname of all students, teachers, and other employees that are a part of Rocketship Ed. - aren't allowed to talk whenever it's learning time in class. Further, they typically aren't allowed to go to the bathroom outside of already-scheduled bathroom breaks.

Nobody would like having such strict policies at school, though the strictness is probably one of the main reasons why its students consistently score at the top of the cahrter - they even beat out a lot of private school kids.
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