January 26, 2016

Our Little Singer

Sharing random photos of our little boy who loves to sing.

One afternoon, while watching his favorite noontime show "Eat Bulaga", he asked me to take photos of him with Baste on the screen. I bet you already know "BAEby Baste", the super cute chubby boy at EB.

Our little boy loves to sing. Just look at how he sing with his heart out here, haha!

Seriously, he can be a future singer. Also, look at how he sing while holding at invisible microphone.

He's actually bugging me to buy him a real microphone. Hmmm, why not if that will encourage him to sing and I think he's good in singing naman. It's very important that we parents support our children right? So Daddy, listen... Next time this little boy will probably ask you to buy him a real guitar. So make sure you have guitar center coupons to buy him a real guitar, agad-agad!

Happy Tuesday!
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January 25, 2016

Growing Dragon Fruits in Pots

Previously, I shared that my dragon fruit planted in a large plastic pail bears fruit. With this, I am motivated to grow more in unused plastic pails at home.

This time, instead of letting it grow and cling on our walls, I want to limit its growth to a certain height. Pwede naman palang gawin yun just like the one in the photo below.

how to grow dragon fruits, planting
Dragon Fruits in pots (Source: Pinterest)

This option is good for those who wants to grow the dragon fruit but don’t have enough space at home or want to do urban gardening.

All you need is a pail, soil, a piece of sturdy wood and a dragon fruit cuttings. But before startin

Pot Size
The ideal size for a pot or container is about 15-24 inches in diameter and at least 10 inches deep. A drain hole at the bottom should be in place for excess water.

Since this plant is a part of the cactus plant, it needs a soil that suits to its growth. A well-drained and sandy soil is the best type. There are cactus soils sold in the market or you can make your own by mixing garden or potting soil, sand, and compost.

Like most cactus, dragon fruit is considered light feeders. This means that it doesn’t need lots of nutrients. Though adding slow-releasing, and low-nitrogen fertilizer can help it grow faster. Re-application of fertilizer can be done once every two months.

Fill the container with soil until half-full. Place the climbing pole and continue filling the pot with soil until almost full. Be sure to that the pole is sturdy to give good support to the dragon fruit as it grows.

Plant the dragon fruit cuttings to about 3-5 inches deep beside the guide pole. Tie the cutting on the guide pole if needed.

Place the pot in an area where the plant can get enough sunlight (about 80% of its time).

Cactus doesn’t need flooding water. This is applicable to dragon fruits too. Too much water can lead to rotting and eventually the plant dies.

Once the dragon fruit started to climb on the pole, keeping the pole moist is recommended.

Dragon fruit can grow as high as 20 feet or as high as where it is clinging. You can keep it that way as long as it has a guide where it can climb. But if you want to keep it on a preferred height, pruning is needed by cutting branches. Keeping the plant in less weight can make the plant stronger, concentrate the nutrients, and promote it to bloom.

how to grow dragon fruits, planting
My Dragon Fruits in "pots"

One of the keys in growing dragon fruits in pots is PATIENCE. Cuttings can be easily grown but it will take months to have a good roots system. It will take about a year or two for it to bloom. But once it started to bear fruits, every year you will have a supply of this scrumptious, and health beneficial fruit.

how to grow dragon fruits, planting
My Dragon Fruits in "pots"

Now I have five plastic pails planted with Dragon Fruits. One is the original pail which I trimmed and the other four are newly planted cuttings. 

Do you have Dragon Fruits in pots too?

Other Source: Wikihow
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January 24, 2016

Regional Fashion and Style + Fashion Quiz

Having trouble on what to wear or what to show for your OOTD? Try take the quiz at http://bellaellaboutique.com/regional-fashion-quiz and you might get a mix-and-match ideas instead of wearing the usual pair of blouse and skirt or pants.

Wearing different fashion statements are mainly influenced by different factors – family, friends, and region where you belong.

And speaking of regions, here are some of the results of the outfits inspired by different regions. See the differences and similarities.

Midwestern Grace
Midwestern Grace
 Midwestern style is tasteful and modest, feeling and looking effortlessly beautiful.

Southeastern Charm

Southeastern Charm
Southeastern style is colorful, refined, and poised for that classic look.

Western Glamour

Western Glamour 

Western style is relaxed, playful, and lively, with the down-to-earth charm of the West Coast.

Northeast Chic
Northeast Chic

Northeastern style is classic, sophisticated, and elegant, with prep school influences for that elite look.

Take the quiz and share what you got.
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January 13, 2016

Peanut Butter Bars

This holiday season, we received two jars of peanut butter from our colleagues. Also, Mama sends another jar.

Peanut Butter Bars

With such amount I tried looking some ways to use the peanut butter other than spread. Then I saw a recipe of peanut butter bars which is perfect since I also have a chocolate bar in the fridge.

Peanut Butter Bars

I tried to hide some bars of finished products in the fridge because Matthew keeps on coming back the fridge to get a piece of peanut butter bars.

Peanut Butter Bars


Peanut butter bars:
1 ½ cups M.Y. San Graham Crackers, crushed
1 cup powdered sugar
½ cup butter, melted
2 cups peanut butter


125 grams Bittersweet Chocolate bar
1 cup condensed milk
½ cup butter
½ cup all purpose cream


In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients for the peanut butter bar.
Mix thoroughly.
Place in a pan line with baking/parchment paper.
Place in the fridge for at least two hours.

Prepare the toppings by placing all the ingredients in a double boiler and simmer until all the chocolate melts.

Pour over the chilled peanut butter bar and return to fridge overnight.

Remove from the pan and slice into bars.

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January 9, 2016

Get Your Customized Sports Apparels at LogoSportswear.com

Have you already list down your goals for 2016? I bet getting fit is one of those goals, haha! It's been on my goal lists since I can't remember. But I have a confession to make... I always fail to reach this getting fit goal of mine. Lack of time is always my lame excuse.

So this 2016, I will be more disciplined and will not let time be a hindrance to reach my getting fit goal. Good thing Daddy Allan also has that goal so that I have a companion to work on getting fit. We will start with Zumba dancing at home then I’m planning to do Yoga as well.

Getting into sports is also a better way to get fit but Daddy and I are not into any sport yet. But I think, Daddy will get into a sport soon because our little boy is loving basketball.

Speaking of sports, if you are looking for an online site who has the largest selection of customizable sports apparel then go check LogoSportswear.

LogoSportswear has been the first online supplier of over 4,000 custom products for 20 years now. They have t-shirts, polos, jackets, caps, team uniforms and more to dress your staff, your team or promote your brand.

Mens Baseball Jerseys
Youth Baseball Jerseys

And I would love to have these customized LogoSportswear Polos for me and Daddy!
Dry Performance Polos
Short Sleeves Polos

LogoSportswear has an easy-to-use online designer to let you upload your own logo designs, or mascot. They also have thousands of free design templates to choose from. With LogoSportswear, you are guaranteed to save money and time with their in-house with great graphics, beautiful embroidery and quality screen printing to ensure your orders exceeds expectations. 

You can get quantity discounts and no minimums too! Really great right?

So what are you waiting for, check LogoSportswear.com and get inspired to get fit!
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January 6, 2016

Bibingkang Kanin With Leche Flan Toppings

The menu for Media Noche was already set until the last minute, Mommy asked me to make a bibingkang kanin because we don't have something sticky in the table pa.

It was a Filipino superstition to have something sticky on the table to make the luck stick at your home.

Bibingkang Kanin with Leche Flan Toppings

I usually do this with sweet, half-toasted caramel as the topping but Mommy asked me if I can replace it with leche flan.

At first, I though the leche flan is the first to be cooked before the bibingkang kanin will be placed on top then it will be turned upside down in a serving place. Hindi pala, I realized that the bibingkang kanin is already cooked and only the leche flan needs the cooking.

Here is the finsihed product. Though the leche flan topping is not that thick, it was smooth and creamy naman.

Bibingkang Kanin with Leche Flan Toppings


For the Bibingka:
½ kilo malagkit (glutinous rice)
2 cups coconut milk (first extract)
2 cups coconut milk (second extract)
2 cups brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
½ cup butter

For the leche flan topping:
3 egg yolks
¾ cups condensed milk
¾ cups evaporated milk
1 tsp vanilla

Cook glutinous rice like and ordinary rice using the second extract coconut milk. Set aside.
In a wok, combine first extract coconut milk, brown sugar and vanilla. Let it simmer.
Add the cooked rice and stir continuously until thick.
Add butter and continue stirring for about 5 minutes.
Remove from heat.
Transfer in a well-greased pan until about ¾ filled.
Flatten the surface. Set aside.

In a mixing bowl, combine egg yolk, vanilla, condensed milk, and evaporated milk.
Slowly stir the mixture until fully mixed.
Pour over the prepared bibingka and bake in a pre-heated oven (150ÂșC) for 20-30 minutes.
Cool and cut using greased knife.

Stirring the mixture for leche flan slowly prevent incorporating air or bubbles making the finished product smooth and creamy.

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January 5, 2016

355 Days Before the Next Christmas!

It's 355 days before Christmas! You wouldn't believe it, but our little boy is doing the countdown this early because he's excited for the next Christmas!

At 5, he already understands and appreciates what Christmas is. Now, he is more excited to set up the Christmas tree.

Daddy made him a Crochet Santa hat making him even more excited.

He received 4 gifts this Christmas. The first set are these three cars he got from the secret Santa at their Christmas Party at school.

On the Christmas eve, we gave him this Iron Man watch from Tita Mare. He's so happy!

He also received cash gifts and so we asked him what he wants to buy his money. At first he said he will save his money. But he changed his mind when he saw the Play Doh. So here he was cooking with the Play Doh.

Lastly, we bought him this Children's Bible book because he loves to read.

I also wanted him to buy another musical instrument from the musical instruments store. Unfortunately, there's no time. Maybe next Christmas or on his birthday na lang.

Christmas is indeed for children. But aside from receiving gifts, I want him to understand what's the true meaning of Christmas. And that is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

So have you enjoyed your holidays?

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January 2, 2016

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year everyone!

Wishing you and your family a bountiful New Year! More blessings and stay happy everyone! - From Our Family
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