September 10, 2020

Kuya Matthew Is Into Crochet Too

Yes, you read it right. Our Kuya is now into crochet na din.
Mom & Dad Crochet,hobbies,crochet,kids,

The other night, while we are doing these crochet spray bottle holders.

Mom & Dad Crochet, crochet,

We told Matthew to return in crocheting and he can earn extra if his projects will be sold in our online shop.

We also told him that this can be his past time while staying at home rather than spending his day in front of a laptop and tablet.

Here he is doing his crochet project at home after having lunch. The photo is taken using the Mi Home Security Camera 360°.
Mom & Dad Crochet,hobbies,crochet,kids,

Without hesitation, he asked the hook and yarn.

Of course, he needs to learn first the basics. Mommy already taught him how to hold the yarn and grip the hook and doing chains. 

This time, I instructed him to do the double crochet, single crochet, and slip stitch. These stitches will be used in making the centerpiece project for Matthew.

Mom & Dad Crochet, crochet,

Once his project is finished, I will post the free pattern in Mom and Dad Crochet which according to Matthew, will be changed to Family Crochet. Bright idea, di ba?

After the centerpiece, he will do a Santa Hat naman daw for him and his soon-to-be baby brother. How sweet.

Here is his short clip doing the crochet.

Mom & Dad Crochet, crochet,

How about your kids, what are their past time these days?

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