August 6, 2022

Online Web Games You Should Try

Well, I grew up playing board games. My favorite as a kid is Snakes and Ladders and  Minesweeper Classic, which I learned to play on a computer when I started working.

Through the years, board games have emerged. From being table top games to pre-install computer games, and now online web games that you can play via computer or your mobile phone.

Playing online games can kill boredom and if you are working, it can be a good break from work stress. So now, let me share some online web games that you should try.

I used to play this game as a kid. Together with a friend we play this on a piece of paper where in we drew a table and write the X and O. But now you can play Tic-Tac-Toe online using your computer or mobile phone. As mentioned, this a popular game for kids where each player tries to get 3 in a row. You can also play in a larger grid sizes where you must get 4 in a row instead. You can also choose to play against each other or the computer.

Uno is another classic board games for kids and also adults. In this game, players can select to play against 1 to 3 competitors where the players dealt 7 cards each and goes clockwise. The goal of the game is to lay down all your cards first.

Similar to Uno classic game, each player tries to run out of card first. But the cool feature in this version is you can play against friends all around the world directly in your web browser, rather than playing against the computer. You can select how many friends you would like to play against, then create a room and share with them and play.

This is a popular three dimensional puzzle in which the players try to match colors on each side of the cube. You can see the left, right and top sides of the cube. You can click can click on and drag any of the three rows or columns of the cube to rotate them and move color pieces around. Also you can place their finger or curser outside the edge of the cube in order to rotate which sides of the cube they are viewing. There's a timer that appears above the game and time will begin as soon as you rotate a section of the cube.

In this online board game, you can choose to play against the computer or a human opponent using the same computer. This game has 3 levels of difficulty and also timed with points reduced for taking a long time to make a play.

Those are some online web games that you and your kids should try. Let me know your experience and what other online games you have tried and enjoyed playing.

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