December 2, 2015

A Throwback... Matthew the Little Musician

Oops... It's not yet Thursday but I already want to share this throwback photo.

Couldn't believe how time flies, here's our little pianist 2 years ago.

As early as 1 year old, I can already see that our little boy is a music lover. He loves to sing too. Because of that he was sent to represent his school to APRISM 2014 and he's just 4 years old. 

Here's a throwback video of his performance.

Sorry for my background voice. Close up video was not allowed that time so the kids will not be distracted.

Up to now, he still loves to sing and guess what his favorite song now? It's none other that Alden Richard's Wish I May. Every night before he sleeps. he's always asking me to watch Alden's music video.

He also wants to play piano and I am thinking of enrolling him next summer to a piano lesson. Since he already know how to read, I think he is ready now. I hope I can find a summer piano class near our place so he didn't need to travel pa. For sure after he learn how to play piano, he will ask me to buy him a dj keyboard. I bet he will the coolest musician ever! Haha! Sorry, I got carried away. Just a proud mom here.

Do you a little musician too?
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