June 13, 2022

5 Advantages of Having a Car During COVID-19 Pandemic

Three years since the pandemic started, our life is starting to get back to normal. Most people are back to work now, kids are going to school again and travelling is now allowed. We call this as the "new normal". 

Life goes on for everyone. And with the recent pandemic experience, many people who have no vehicles or cars before are buying their own.

Having your own vehicle or car has a lot of advantages and this is especially true during the pandemic. Here are the advantages that come with having your own car.

5 Advantages  of Having a Car During COVID-19 Pandemic


Having a car is having your freedom when travelling. Using public transports could be detrimental. When you have your own car, you don't need to worry about reaching your destination on time or missing your bus.

Having your own car means you don' t have to adjust your schedule to others or your don't need to rely on others to get to your destination. You can go to places you want, anytime and any day you want to travel. You don't need to worry about the availability of trips and public transports in that particular place. You are sell-reliant in that way.

Freedom to take long drives

If you are a traveler then buying your own car means investment. Because having a car means freedom to take long drives. Planning a trip alone or with your family is easier when you have your own car. 

Having your own car is especially remarkable during unplanned trips. You have the freedom to go to places anytime you want. So if you love to travel, consider buying your own car. You may want to check the auto calculators to know what car fit your budget.


One of the advantages of having a car is control over the driver seat, which gives your more control over the driving. Unlike when you ride public transports when you rely your safety in the hands of other drivers.

Also, during pandemic travelling with your own car means being safe from germs and viruses found in public transports. Taking public transportation can make you more at risk of infection. In public transportation, you may meet potential carriers but if you have your own a car, you can control of who gets in and out of it. 

Save time

Having your own car means not relying on the availability of public transports. This is especially true for those living with a hectic life who need to get use of their time efficiently. Having your car helps reduce downtime by avoiding congested highways or main road and taking short routes to school or work.


When you have your own car, one of the advantages is easy access during emergencies. Moreover, you can avoid health exposure when riding ambulance and the cost of it. Thus, you can save on medical expenses and get you to where you need to be in case of emergency when you have your own car. 

Getting a car is a practical thing to do especially of our growing population. Public transports get easily crowded and congested, which is not a good idea at our current health situation. Having your own car gives you freedom to go anywhere you need to go. If you live a busy life then having a car can make your life so much easier by making better use of your time. 

Having your own car offers more flexibility especially during Covid-19 pandemic. But since we are in pandemic, you may want to check what you need yo know when buying a car.
But always remember that having a car means you need to be financially prepare. Because spending money does not ends with buying a car. You need to consider after sales service, repair and maintenance.

So that's the advantages of having a car during pandemic. I hope these helps you decide if you are still undecided to buy.

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