September 18, 2015

Christmas Countdown: 9 Things to Look Forward to Christmas

Last night, while watching the news on TV, our son heard the anchors saying it's 99 days to go before Christmas. He immediately went to me and said, "Mommy, it's Christmas already! There will be no classes." 

He's excited but I am not sure if it's because Christmas is here or he will have a class break. Haha! Then his Dad told him Christmas will be near if it's only 15 days to go. Our ever inquisitive little boy told me what his Dad told him. 

Anyway, we usually feel the Christmas season once the ber month comes. Then we will start the Christmas countdown when it's only 100 days to go. 
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Now, what are the things or events people look forward to Christmas, here's my list.

Christmas Sale. I think this is always on top of the list. Who doesn’t love to shop? I do but of course we need to have a separate budget for that and stick to it as much as you can control yourself. Some people are doing the Christmas shopping once the sale begins, while others do it days before the Christmas day.

Heavy Traffic Jam. Oh this has been the problem in the metro and the near provinces. Traffic jam will even get worst once Christmas Mall sale begins. I heard that the Government is already planning for the worst traffic scenario. Crossing my fingers they will have an effective plan to at least loosen up the now already heavy traffic jam.

New Clothes. I bet your parents bought you new clothes every Christmas. I don't know exactly why but I think it's because Christmas is a special day, and parties are everywhere.

Christmas Bonus and 13th Month Pay. We need this for our Christmas shopping, haha! For some generous company, aside from the mandatory 13th Month Pay, they also give their employees a Christmas bonus. 13th Month Pay like what I said is mandatory so all employees must receive this. Some company give it as early as June, usually half of it then the rest on October or November.

Christmas Songs and Carols. Expect that radio stations will play Christmas songs often. I love hearing Christmas songs. I don’t know why but just hearing the bells and the lyrics makes me feel Christmas. Also, expect carolers singing and knocking on the gates of your house. 

When I was young, I remember a group of carolers, usually from Church, will knock on our door. They will leave an empty envelope for any amount of money we can give. Then they will come to our house the next night and sing Christmas songs. They have musical instruments to accompany their cool voices and at their back are the instrument cases like trombone cases. Their voice can fill our soul and after they sing, you be shy to give them just a small amount. Haha. But now even a very small child can do solo and knock on your gate to sing a Christmas jingle.

Simbang Gabi or Night Mass. Many people look forward to attending simbang gabi. Again, when I was young, I always tried my best to complete the 9 simbang gabi and make a wish. That's according to the old wives tale, haha!

Puto Bumbong and Bibingka. People attending simbang gabi, will definitely not missed puto bumbong and bibingka. 

Christmas Party. Parties are here and there. Everyone give their time to attend their company Christmas parties, or with their friends. Family reunions are everywhere too. It's a time to meet again our old friends, and bond with our families and relatives.

Gift Giving and Exchange Gift. When there are parties, exchange gift will not be forgotten. It has been a tradition to give gifts on Christmas. This is what children are excited for. They will visit their godmother or godfather. Godparents have their gifts wrapped and happily distribute to their godchildren. Children are the happiest on Christmas days, agree?

So that's the things or events people usually look forward to Christmas. Anything I missed?
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