September 3, 2015

Work Space Ideas for Work-at-Home Mom

Working at home is what I am aiming since the day I became a mother. It's been 5 years yet, I'm still working full time outside home. But I trust God that this is His better plan for me now and I will patiently wait for the right time.

Anyway, I'm continuously searching for an online work just in case the right time comes. So aside from blogging and online selling, I can have another source of income. Also, I'm considering having my own work space at home. All these in preparation for the right time.

Speaking of work space at home, you can find many inspirations in the web. Let me share my top picks.

 I can make a work space at our living room. Or this corner, inside our bedroom.

Or this clean looking corner minus the hand because my son might get scared of it.

 Hmm... I think I like it near the windows too.

 How about this space saver home work space under the stairs.

And this is my favorite. I can do both blogging and crafting or crocheting in one desk.

I wish Daddy knows how to make furniture too so he can make a working desk like that for me.

But if space is really a problem, how about this portable laptop desk and cabinet.

If you need to use additional keyboard for easy typing then you just need to install a Fulterer keyboard slides. You can just put it in a corner after working, just like that.

Oh there are so many home work space ideas over the net. I should start deciding what work space I need at home, or I should check more, haha!
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  1. I used white grout for the walls, and gray for the grout line along with floor. I started with the white for the walls, and will let that cure overnight before I add the grout to the floor seams.