October 22, 2015

Opiates: Signs of Addiction and Withdrawal

One of the most powerful painkillers is the morphine. This substance is naturally occurring and can be extracted from the opium poppy. In 19th century, this is widely used as painkillers by soldiers during the American Civil war.

Though this is the most potent, a patient taking painkillers derived from opium might get addicted without their knowledge. How can you spot if the patient is already having addiction or drug dependency with pain relievers? 

Here are the signs of opiate addiction.

Increasing dosage – during the time of medication, growing tolerance may be experienced by a patient which resulted to increase in dosage to get the same effect.

Personality shift – change in mood, energy and concentration can be observed.

Getting isolated – patients tend to withdraw from family and friends.

Continuous usage – Patients keeps asking medications even they have been already treated.

Trying to get more prescription – some approach different doctors to get access to the drug.

Physical change – changes in sleeping and eating habits, personal hygiene and having constant cough, running nose and red eyes are few of the physical changes.

Hallucinations – over-reacting to normal conditions like lights, sounds and emotions.

Memory gap – forgetting or total mental blackouts of the events and happenings.

Defensive – responding to defend and trying to hide their drug dependency

If a person possess some of these characteristics, he/she may be already in the state of addiction and needs to call medical attention and might undergo detoxification.

If the patient undergoes detoxification, more problem may be encountered. Discomforts like nausea, vomiting, restlessness, insomnia, body aches and chilling, diarrhea to name a few. This condition is know to be as opiate withdrawal.

Though this problems can be resolved by other medication, it may lead to another addiction. In order to avoid encountering another problem, Elimidrol was formed by Sunrise Nutraceuticals.

Elimidrol is known to be the #1 opiate withdrawal supplemnent that gives relief from the discomfort experienced during the detoxification process. This can be consumed by patients who wants to totally or gradually stop the use of opiate drugs.

Elimidrol is made of potent and effective ingredients, and comes in powder form. Thus, enhances the effectivity and fast acting relief. It has a day time and night time formula ensuring of getting relief 24 hours daily.

Each pack is made of 28 servings good for 4-week detoxification period. This is not limited to one time dosage per day. You can increase the intake especially during the more difficult periods.

Additional source: Foundation for a Drug Free World
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