November 24, 2015

Calamares with Crispy Fry Seasoned Crumbs

Mommy received a gift pack from Ajinomoto and one of the items in the loot bag is Crispy Fry Seasoned Crumbs. It is a mixture of seasonings and bread crumbs perfect for fried dishes like chicken, tempura and calamares.


Last week, I found squid sold in the market at low price. Buying such items at cheaper price is doubtful but when I checked on the squid it looks fresh naman. Calamares became part of our dinner that day.

To lessen the malansang amoy, I squeezed few calamansi on the squid and marinate it for about 10 minutes before frying.

Calamares Main Ingredients: Squid, Calamansi and Crispy Fry Seasoned Crumbs

According to the cooking instructions, no egg is needed when Crispy Fry Seasoned Crumbs is used. Just make sure that the meat is wet so the crumbs will stick on it.

However, upon trying the first batch, the crumbs did not stick on the squid. To resolve the problem, I went to the usual breading procedure. Dip the squid in flour and egg before rolling into Crispy Fry Seasoned Crumbs.

The calamares goes well but I got another problem. I need to hide the finished product first or else, wala nang matitira para sa dinner.

Matthew cannot wait to take his first bite of Calamares.
Calamares is perfect paired with either spiced vinegar or garlic-mayo dip.



1/2 kilo squid, sliced into rings.
1 pack Crispy Fry Seasoned Crumbs
1/4 cup calamansi juice
1 egg, slightly beaten
1 cup flour
Oil for frying

Marinate the squid in calamansi juice for about 10 minutes.
Coat the squid rings in flour.
Dip in egg.
Coat with Crispy Fry Seasoned Crumbs.
Deep fry until the coating become golden brown.
Place the cooked products in strainer or papar towel to remove excess oil.
Serve with garlic-mayo dip or spiced vinegar.

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