November 25, 2015

On Regulating TV Programs and Ads

Television (TV) is one of the most influential media for people of all ages. There’s a strong tendency that people may believe in everything we watch on TV. That’s why it’s also a powerful tool for communication and information.

Just like the use of internet, we should also guide our children in watching TV shows and even commercials. Thanks to Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) for regulating and classifying each TV program according to its suitability to the viewers’ ages.

However, it’s still us who will decide what programs we will let our children watch. Also, they are TV ads in a rated G (General Audience) show that may not also suitable to young audience. Parents and guardians should be vigilant on what our children should watch.

Being a working mom, this is one of my household problems. Since my husband and I both work outside home, our helper/yaya is the only one who will guide our son in watching TV after his class. Even if I will tell her not to let our son watch this and that, I am not assured she will not really do that. I know that’s also the dilemma of other working moms like me.

Our son is a very smart boy. He can easily recall everything he watch. Sometimes, I am surprise that he knows all the character in a TV show. He also has a strong recall on TV ads jingles too.

Just like what I have said, there’s a tendency that people believes everything we watch on TV. Let me share this one case of ridiculous lawsuits about a TV ads. Because he believed that when he use that certain product, what the TV ads showed will happen to him as well. So he filed a case, here’s what happened.

A man from Nigeria, Anthony Olatunfe, filed a case against Uniliver Nigeria Limited. He sued the later for not attracting girls after using the product as shown in the commercial. He said, "no girl ever agreed to even go out for a tea or coffee with me, even though I’m sure they could smell my breath. I always brush my teeth with so much close up gel to make sure the girls get turned on by my fresh breath as they usually show on TV.” Also, he was got fired from his job by trying to kiss his boss after brushing his teeth.

He even presented used and unused tubes of close-up as evidences. And he accused Uniliver of cheating that caused him mental stress. Really absurd but this is true, haha.

Seriously, this is something we parents should take seriously. Instead of TV, we should think of other ways to entertain our kids. Also, regulate the time of watching TV. Always be sure that we are around when they watch TV. As much as possible do not put a TV inside their bedroom.

This is really a difficult task for us parents. Do you have other ways to regulate TV programs and shows that children can watch?
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