January 25, 2016

Growing Dragon Fruits in Pots

Previously, I shared that my dragon fruit planted in a large plastic pail bears fruit. With this, I am motivated to grow more in unused plastic pails at home.

This time, instead of letting it grow and cling on our walls, I want to limit its growth to a certain height. Pwede naman palang gawin yun just like the one in the photo below.

how to grow dragon fruits, planting
Dragon Fruits in pots (Source: Pinterest)

This option is good for those who wants to grow the dragon fruit but don’t have enough space at home or want to do urban gardening.

All you need is a pail, soil, a piece of sturdy wood and a dragon fruit cuttings. But before startin

Pot Size
The ideal size for a pot or container is about 15-24 inches in diameter and at least 10 inches deep. A drain hole at the bottom should be in place for excess water.

Since this plant is a part of the cactus plant, it needs a soil that suits to its growth. A well-drained and sandy soil is the best type. There are cactus soils sold in the market or you can make your own by mixing garden or potting soil, sand, and compost.

Like most cactus, dragon fruit is considered light feeders. This means that it doesn’t need lots of nutrients. Though adding slow-releasing, and low-nitrogen fertilizer can help it grow faster. Re-application of fertilizer can be done once every two months.

Fill the container with soil until half-full. Place the climbing pole and continue filling the pot with soil until almost full. Be sure to that the pole is sturdy to give good support to the dragon fruit as it grows.

Plant the dragon fruit cuttings to about 3-5 inches deep beside the guide pole. Tie the cutting on the guide pole if needed.

Place the pot in an area where the plant can get enough sunlight (about 80% of its time).

Cactus doesn’t need flooding water. This is applicable to dragon fruits too. Too much water can lead to rotting and eventually the plant dies.

Once the dragon fruit started to climb on the pole, keeping the pole moist is recommended.

Dragon fruit can grow as high as 20 feet or as high as where it is clinging. You can keep it that way as long as it has a guide where it can climb. But if you want to keep it on a preferred height, pruning is needed by cutting branches. Keeping the plant in less weight can make the plant stronger, concentrate the nutrients, and promote it to bloom.

how to grow dragon fruits, planting
My Dragon Fruits in "pots"

One of the keys in growing dragon fruits in pots is PATIENCE. Cuttings can be easily grown but it will take months to have a good roots system. It will take about a year or two for it to bloom. But once it started to bear fruits, every year you will have a supply of this scrumptious, and health beneficial fruit.

how to grow dragon fruits, planting
My Dragon Fruits in "pots"

Now I have five plastic pails planted with Dragon Fruits. One is the original pail which I trimmed and the other four are newly planted cuttings. 

Do you have Dragon Fruits in pots too?

Other Source: Wikihow
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