April 6, 2016

On Wearing Safety Shoes at Work

Last week, our HR Department advised that we will be requiring to wear protective gears as part of the requirements of Occupational Safety and Health Administration by the Department of Labor and Employment.

Safety Shoes (Source:ecplaza)

Since our department involves mainly in-line inspections, we will be needing a hard hat and safety shoes. Currently, we are already given with hard hats. We are given one month to have our safety shoes.

What makes safety shoes different from regular shoes?
Safety shoes are made to be impact and heat resistant soles protecting feet from hot work areas like roofing, paving and hot metal industries. Some safety shoes are made of metal soles that protect from punctures by sharp and spiked objects.

But what makes the safety shoes really safe for our feet?
Safety shoes must protect our feet from heavy objects like tools and barrels that might roll onto the foot. It must also protect from sharp objects like nails and spikes. Working in a metal industry must require safety shoes that can withstand any molten metals. It should be also slip-proof and can protect from electrical hazards.

Special Purpose Shoes
Aside from the regular safety shoes, there are also special purpose shoes. These are recommended in some work areas like explosives and electricals.

For those working in an explosives manufacturing facilities and grain elevators, an Electrically Conductive Shoes are required. These shoes are used to reduce the build-up of static electricity in the body preventing from producing sparks that may start explosion or fire. Precautions must be also taken in wearing this type of shoes. Application of foot powder must be avoided because it reduces the conductivity ability. Also, socks made of nylon, silk, and wool should not be worn because this produces static electricity.

Working in an electrical hazard environment requires another special purpose shoes. These are made to be nonconductive and will prevent employee’s feet from completing an electrical circuit to the ground. This type of shoes must be carefully examined and inspected for any worn out parts because when the metal soles are exposed, this may put someone’s life at risk. This type of shoes must never wear in explosives manufacturing facilities.

I already saw some safety shoes and heard different complaints like it was heavy, bulky and expensive. But wearing protective gears like safety shoes can save you from workplace injuries. Check this: http://www.losangelespersonalinjuryattorney.net/personal-injury-law/workplace-injuries-numbers/ to know more about the workplace injuries.

Keep safe at work!
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