April 15, 2016

Spring Break Travel Must Haves

For those who are living in countries with spring season, it's the perfect to to plan a trip or travel out of town. Spring is great time to enjoy the sun and nature to create wonderful memories with families and friends.

But before you plan a trip, here are a checklist spring break travel must haves.

A simple newsboy hat is alright for both ladies and gents. Other hats is okay as long as it will protect the face from the sun and hair from the wind.

White shirts is a must when preparing for the spring travel. This can be worn perfectly with any bottoms like pants or skirts. White tops is also perfect for all occasions.

A loose and breathable jeans will definitely a good pick. This will be applicable in day or night parties.

A colorful and a bag that can hold everything you need – sunscreen, towel, clothes, etc., is a better option.

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If planning for a walking tour or outdoor activities, it is better to have a pair of kicks. This will make your feet more comfortable than flip-flops.

Pick a single piece that will go on every occasion than packing a lot of pairs in the bag.

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On spring season, chilly nights is still experiences. Having a piece of hooded jacket should be added in the bag.

Crossbody bag is also needed in case you wanted o bring your phone and other accessories.

Those are the basic spring break travel must haves. The amount of basic needs you have to bring depends on how many days your break will be. Based on spring break survey conducted, most people’s spring break trips will only be 4 or 5 days. 

No matter how long your spring break trip will be, what is important is that you enjoy and create wonderful memories :)

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