April 16, 2013

Crochet Basics: Different Types of Yarn

Since we already know the anatomy of the hook, the different types and how to hold it, let's move to the yarn. Like the hook, there are different types of yarns. I was actually overwhelmed with the different yarns I am seeing. And I will confess, I am a yarn addict now.

So here are the different types of yarn. (Click on the photo to enlarge)

Types of Yarns and the Recommended Hook

Actually, there are different categories and types of yarns that falls into each category. Generally, the yarn is categorize by weight and labelled from 0 to 6, 0 being the thinnest and 6 the thickest. You can also see in the above table the recommended hook for a particular type of yarn. This is what I am telling you before that using the wrong hook will make you insane =)

My yarn stash includes mesmerized cotton yarn, classic cotton yarn, light worsted yarn, and of course the most common acrylic yarn. I thought before that the only crochet yarns are the mesmerized cotton and the acrylic yarns since these are available in bookstores, sewing supply stores, mall, and anywhere :)

Even with a big stash already, I still want to buy more yarns. I am always panicking when I see that my stash is slowly disappearing (because we are using them to make cute handmade accessories).

So that's the different types of yarn. Next post will be about how to hold a yarn and control it.

Happy crocheting!

Source: Crochet Spot
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  1. Dati alam ko basta kaya ng hook okay na. meron palang mga recommended na hook sizes per yarn type.

  2. ganun pala iyon, may corresponding hook size ang bawat yarn type...
    i'm excited in your next post, baka matuto ako magcrochet hahaha

  3. I have quite a collection of yarns which I take out to look at form time to time but I have not time to crochet right now.

  4. i didn't know na may specific hook pala for a certain yarn.. this post will surely help those who want to start crocheting


  5. thanks for the information... now I know more about crocheting.. :)

  6. Wow there are lots of yarns pala and different kinds of hooks for the yarns. I only know the basic ones-the ones you use for school projects

  7. Reading your blog makes me want to crochet too.hehe

  8. i'm sure a lot will be enticed to try crocheting after reading your post :)

  9. I think my hands were not made for doing crafts that require dexterity...pang karate na lang kamay ko lol!

  10. I thought there were just two types, the thin and the thicker one. Ang dami pala! Which one is cheaper?

    1. Sis it's cheaper when you buy in spool :) As far as I remember, un thick yarns ay mahal but depended it's its cotton or acrylic or from other indigenous materials.