January 8, 2014

Up, Up and Away Wednesday: Orange Sun

"There’s a sunrise
and sunset every single day, 
and they’re absolutely free. 
Don’t miss so many of them"
– Jo Walton

I got this shot one afternoon on our way home from work. The sun was really big and orange. If I got a nicer glass (term for lens my professional photographer), I framed this better.

By the way, oldies said that when you see a orange or reddish sun, there is a strong storm coming. After a week of seeing this, "Santi" came. Is the saying true or just a coincidence?
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  1. I heard my grandma say it one time, too. I really don't know. :D

  2. I saw the sun was like this the other day, too. It was almost sunset and I was surprised to see it so big and yes, orange! I should have taken a shot, too but sadly, I wasn't with a camera that time.

    1. Actually, I parked the car muna just to capture this one. hehehe

  3. We see the orange sun quite often here too.. and I think it does have something to do with indication of heavy rain the next few days.

  4. Its been awhile haven't seen his kind of beauty...Great photo!:)


  5. I have also heard of the orange sun and fiery, orangy sky as a forebearer of a strong typhoon (and so far, proven. Hmm, maresearch nga why it is that way)