August 11, 2018

Kid Friendly Polvoron Recipe

Hello everyone! It's been a long while since we've posted recipe here. Yes, we - Daddy Allan and I, are the one's updating this blog. And soon our little boy, Matthew Andrei, will join us so it will really call "our family blogs". 

Oops so sorry for a long introduction. Let me go straight with my agenda for today. One weekend, my little boy asked me to make a polvoron. I was surprised that he already like polvoron because he really don't like it. Kaya naman pala he tasted one during their Nutrition Month celebration so maybe he liked the taste.

So here's the very kid friendly polvoron recipe.

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My little boy happily assisted me and was so happy when I called him a little chef.  I will not be surprised if he will love cooking because his Daddy loves to cook too. He also has his own version polvoron recipe.

Watch our Intagram stories to see how my little boy had so much fun making this very kid friendly polvoron.
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