August 19, 2018

What I Found Out About Companies Like Testclear

TestClear, health, addiction, detoxing

Are you into smoking the big MJ? Better read this!

Okay. I know I just sounded like an infomercial that advocates a clean, weed-free lifestyle, but really, I’m not. If anything I’m pro-weed. Medicinal marijuana, that is. It helped me a lot with chronic pain when it hit me at its worst (It’s researched!). It helped improve my appetite, my mood, and everything else I could not think of at the moment. All I know is that marijuana has done more good than bad. I think the only bad thing that happened to me ever since I started using it, is the fact that I get hippie stares whenever I get on a bus smelling like a joint. I know, sometimes, perfume just doesn’t work.

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you to stop using the cognitive enhancer because it risks tumors or anything, I’m actually here to help you with a common problem marijuana users like us usually have.

Can you take a guess? Yep, I’m talking about those darnable drug tests.

In some states, the lucky ones as I’d like to call them, the use of marijuana is 100% legal. This makes me (and you, probably) really envious of how they can freely use the medicinal plant to their hearts desire. Trust me, I’m no dependent. I just find it a real hassle to hide away from the public’s eye whenever I find a need (and I do mean a literal need) to take a dose. I could be in pain and be like “Oh shoot! I need to get to a secluded, seldom-used toilet to relieve myself from pain.” Sometimes, I even hold in the pain, take a couple Tylenol – that really doesn’t do much for me – and wait for my 8-hour shift to end just to brew some Mary Jane tea peacefully at home.

This much, I can actually live with. But then random drug tests would start happening in the company I work for, and it would scare the hell out of me. And questions like these start boggling me out of my mind:

What if I get found out?

Will I lose my job?

Will I become an actual hippie?

How am I going to pay for my meds?

And the list goes on. Nothing really scared me more than drug tests back then. But note that I’m talking in past tense “scared” and “back then.” This means that things are a whole lot better now. Did my company stop doing random employee drug exams? Well, no. It’s actually more rampant now than ever. “Did I stop taking marijuana because I fear getting found out too much?” Not really. I’m not that soft. Simply put, I just found a better solution to end my woes. I have found a good routine to looking clean – inside and out. Here’s what I do:

TestClear, health, addiction, detoxing

It’s Time You Believe In Detox

Detoxing is a surefire way to escape the public eye. It typically takes two to three days to get all the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC toxins out of your system – that is, if you’re NOT A CHRONIC USER. This means that you only use it occasionally, like in my case. However, if you are a chronic user (which I definitely don’t have any problem with; to each his own, after all), it may take a while longer to get all the residues and traces of THC out of your system – about a week or so. I would advise that you also eat healthy at this time and get enough sleep. Your body will recuperate and return to its normal state much faster if you help it.

There Are Other Ways

Of course, you can’t detox when you’re scheduled for a drug test in two days – even if you’re an infrequent user. After all, even if the toxins are mostly out of your body, you can never be sure about what remains. In this case, I use another method which I like to call “instant cleanse.” I use THC flushing products that are guaranteed to help you pass urine, blood, hair, and saliva drug tests. There are many reliable brands you can order online. But for me I get these from TestClear. You can visit their website if you want ( ). And I’ve never failed a drug test since.

Use these two methods together and I guarantee you, you’ll never have to go into hiding again.

*This is a guest post.

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