March 17, 2020

DIY Disinfectant Solution to Fight Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, there's a run-out of alcohol and hand sanitizer in the market. Although, hand washing is still the best recommendation in helping to stop the spread of coronavirus disease, alcohol and sanitizer are handy first aid that we can bring anywhere we go.

But don't worry because there are lots of alternatives that we can make and use as effective as alcohol. 

Here's a DIY Disinfectation Solution:

For disinfecting areas: *mix 9 glasses of clean water + 1 glass of Zonrox (Clorox).

If there is no liquid Zonrox (Clorox): mix 1 tablespoon of chlorine powder + 2 liters water 

For disinfecting your hands: get 1 glass from the above mixture* then add 9 glasses of water

If there is no liquid Zonrox (Clorox): 1 tablespoon of chlorine powder + 20 liters water

(Source of formulation: DOH-RITM)

For easy sharing I made this:

DIY, Disinfectant Solution, Coronavirus disease, COVID-19

Remember, do not hoard because you are taking other's chance to buy for their own protection. When that happen, you are not helping to stop the spread of coronavirus disease. Not only for alcohol, but also for food supply. The Government assured that there will be enough stock for everyone. So please stop hoarding!

Stay safe everyone!

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