January 19, 2015

Losing Weight + Zumba

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One of our (Mommy and I) goals this 2015 is to lose some pounds. Again?! I know many of us included this in the list of goals in every year. Some started it with a bang but at the middle of the year, we tend to lay-low on this matter.

How are we going to reach this goal? Here are some:

Reducing the rice intake

I just want to emphasize reduce and not eliminate. Eliminating rice in diet will seems to be difficult since we are living in a rice-eating country.  Furthermore, if you slashed out rice in your diet and in the future you return back, this might give you more problem.

Instead of taking rice from the serving plate, we measure it and limit our intake to 1 cup per meal. We are also into overnight soaked oats to replace our lunch.

Keeping hydrated

We used to drink 2-3 glasses of water every hour. However, having this will arise to a problem of frequent urinating. One solution to this is to take shaken water. Why? The answer is HERE.

Increasing activity

Last year, we planned to start our first step in running but this did not materialized because until now, we haven’t got a new running shoes so we diverted into an alternative – ZUMBA or dance workout. With some downloaded instructional videos from Youtube, shedding extra baggage will be more fun and exciting.

Actually we already started this early morning routine two weeks ago but we stopped last week due to some puyatan sessions with our MTOs. We hope that this week we will be on track again.

Listening to the beat of the music will really make your body move kahit parehong kaliwa pa ang paa mo.I just wonder how do musicians do such rhythms. Are they using the same equipment as the composers and arrangers use in making songs or do they use additional tools like Denon DJ Equipment in creating up-beat and body-shaking musics.

Thinking positively

I know there are other ways to help you eliminated those extra pounds. But we have to choose what makes you enjoy more. Always keep in mind that you need to have fun rather than committing yourself to it as a responsibility.

I hope Mommy and I can continue what we started to have a great result.

Do you have other ways to lose weight?
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  1. Great to read that you are doing Zumba also.. it's really fun and I've started to do it twice weekly now :)

  2. I love zumba too. Cheers to good health! :)