January 24, 2015

MTO Name Felt Cloth Letters

It's almost year since we made this colorful name felt cloth letters.

Colorful name felt cloth letters
Then a few weeks ago, a lovely Mommy Roan who ordered these felt cloth letters sent me these cute photos.

These letters are made of felt cloth stuffed with fiber fill. You may choose the colors from our available felt cloth stocks. These are hand sewn :)

Mommy Roan said the felt cloth letters are very useful as she's using it on their photo shoot for his son's monthly birthday celebration. Thank you Mommy for allowing us to use the photos above. You're little boy is so cute,

To order, please go to Momaye's Shoppe and feel free to click the message button fro inquiries.

Happy weekend!
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  1. I was looking for felt cloth last year because I was planning to make this for my inaanak naman but too late na ko nakabili. hehehe! Cute ng letters mo. I haven't tried making this pa.

  2. I visited your online shop but I got sidetracked by your blouses hahaha. I'm pretty tempted to place my orders but I remembered I'm trying to save this year. Pag nagkabonus na lang ulit?

  3. Oh do you have tutorial in doing these? I want to learn how to make one. :)

  4. The letters are so cute! You are so crafty mommy Maye. I wish I also can pull a nice handcrafted item like you

  5. Really cute! For sure it's hypoallergenic too! :)

  6. Wow, it's so nice Sis! I wonder what's this cloth? Parang leather sya. May I know the actual name of this material. I really like it. Hope I could make one too.

  7. These are cute sis! Pa copy ng idea ha, I think I'll make some for my kids birthday in November. :-)

  8. I'm envious of your sewing skils ( T-T)~ I tried to make one like this before but the stuffings were coming out of the edges. *lol* Idk I guess it wasn't tight enough or I'm just horrible a sewing. haha