January 15, 2015

Crochet Mini Booties, Chucks and Boots

Hello guys! It's been a while since I have posted about our crochet made to orders. Last December, I planned not to accept crochet made to order anymore. But because of the long days of break (I thought), I can accept this one bulk orders of 400 booties lang naman. I did accept because I still have a month to meet the deadline that is today, January 15. 

Did we meet the deadline? Yes we did, but this meant sleepless nights. Oh, we almost not sleep and we even took a leave yesterday to finish the entire 400 mini booties. And now I think, these deserve a post here.

Let's start with crochet booties.

Crochet doll booties
Crochet doll booties
Crochet doll booties
Crochet doll booties
Crochet doll booties

Then here are the crochet character booties.

Crochet owl booties
Crochet minion booties
Crochet minion crocs booties

Here are the crochet boots.

Crochet ugg boots
Crochet cuffed boots

Next are the crochet chucks.

Crochet converse/chucks
Crochet converse/chucks
Crochet converse/chucks
Crochet Nike booties
Crochet converse/chucks

And our best seller, crochet Hello Kitty booties. 

Crochet Hello Kitty booties

Whew! All in all, we crochet 400 mini booties. Crocheting small booties are harder than crocheting the regular sizes. Putting the design consumed our time as well. But we are thankful we are finally done with this batch. So we can relax for awhile until we open the ordering again.

To order, just visit our Mom and Dad Crochet Facebook page. You can see many designs there. Kind send us a personal message and we'll see to it to reply to your inquiries the most possible time.

Happy crocheting!
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  1. Wow that's a lot of crocheting. They are awesome! Really like the minions and owls.

  2. wow I admire you on creating those booties! me I can't accept even a single crochet beanie because of time constraints. you must be really proud. I hope you can give me a pattern for the minion booties, chucks & owls. I will really appreciate it. Here is my email neriann28@gmail.com. Thanks! those booties are really nice!