September 13, 2016

Chemist Dad on Fashion Change

I’ve mentioned in my Chemist Dad's post that I already shed off several pounds. I also need to declutter my closet since most of the shirts I have seem to be large for me and mukang basahan na daw when I wear it.

Hitting this target gives me the confidence of wearing small size shirts. Mommy told me that I can already buy a shirt at least once a month. Though these apparels will be seldom used since we have uniforms at work, it is still a nice personal investment since you still need to wear casual clothing on other days like Sundays.

Chemist Dad wearing polo shirt

Since I am already in the mid-30s, need to change my fashion preference according to my age. I am already looking for shirt or polo shirt that is plain-colored or with a minimal print like cry baby shirt
Do you also change your fashion preference with your age?

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