September 21, 2016

Christmas Countdown 2016: 95 Days to Go

I really can't believe how time flies. Did you know that we barely have 95 days before Christmas? Have you started making your Christmas gift list?

As I mentioned on my other blog. I have already started to make my Christmas gift list. And I out of my never ending list, I have decided on one gift and that's for Matthew.

I'll buy him a guitar first then the mini drum set that he's also asking me to buy for him. A simple guitar for now will do but who knows when he grows up, he can strum this taylor electric guitar.

Nice right? Matthew really loves to sing and having a guitar will inspire him to sing more. I am sure Daddy A will also love this idea of buying a guitar because playing a guitar is one of his frustrations dreams. Haha!

Oh, I still have a long list to finish. An with just 95 days to go before Christmas, I think I'll go with the Christmas rush. I hope not :)
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