September 19, 2016

Felt Cloth Bow Headbands

Hello everyone! Just want to share what keeps me busy these past days. 

These colorful bow headbands are made of felt cloth attached in a thin band.

Aside from crocheting, I am also into felt cloth. I already posted the bow pattern here.

I made a set for Daddy A's niece. 

Look how nice the bow headbands on her.

She made them into hair ponies too.

While I attached one pink felt bow to a hard headband.

So pretty right?

Here's another set of orders I made last week.

How I wish I have a baby girl too so I have my own model. Hehe!

You may see more of my felt cloth works in the coming days. Relatively much easier and faster to make than crocheting. But I still love to crochet and from time to time I accept orders.

By the way, I create a Facebook page to see more of our felt cloth works:

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