January 12, 2017

Bed Room Ideas for Our Little Boy

After more than 6 years of co-sleeping, our little boy agreed to "wean" from us and have his own bed. 

Though he still stays with us in our room and our beds look like this now. His bed used to be attached to our bed. But since he agreed to de-attached his bed, I arranged our beds like this.

This is his bed now. He's been sleeping here for almost 6 months now.

Here are all his stuffed toys.

And his character pillows! You probably have an idea now what are this boy's favorites, right?

But sooner, he will have his own bedroom and he liked this idea. So while we are preparing for him, I am starting to look for bed room designs for our little boy. Since he loves cars, these designs would surely make him want to sleep on his new room.

photo source
photo source

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I just hope Daddy A can also make a car bed too. If haven't still read yet, Daddy A just finished our hove living make over. (Read: Home Beautification and Christmas Decors)

Anyway, this Spider man bedroom theme will make our little boy happy too.

photo source
That's because our little boy loves Spider man too. Just like how he loves Iron man, so this is another bed room idea for him.

photo source
Or this Marvel theme.

photo source
Those are my top picks for now. Our plan is to combine all the his favorite characters and he loves that idea so much, However, I need to consider the room size. His new bed room is the smaller room next to ours. Since it's like an attic type, we need to consider the size of the furniture we will place.

Aside from the space, a good portable air conditioners for small room. Yes, we preferred to have a portable air conditioner so we can move it anywhere inside the room. It also don't require installation and it doesn't need to be mount on the wall. 

But wait, this space saver idea is love.

photo source

Oh I can't wait to start working on his new bed room few months from now. But our little boy is much more excited than us, haha,

Any bed room ideas? Would love to see.

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