January 30, 2017

Learning To Play Piano

Playing piano is one of my dreams. When I was younger, I wanted to have my own real piano. But we can't afford to buy a piano that time. So I contented my self with a small piano cake my cousin gave us and I promised that one day I will a real one. That's why when I already afford to buy a piano, I bought one for my son who's just 2 years old then. (Read: Photostory: Our Little Pianist

But it's only after 4 years that he'll be able to play his first ever piano piece and guess what is it...

Yeah, it's Twinkle-twinkle Little Star. For a first timer, it's the easiest piano piece to teach right? And I was right because after a few minutes of tickling, he managed to play it on his piano. 

I think it's time to enroll him to a piano lesson class, especially summer break is coming. I know he's now ready to learn to play piano and I was just an excited mom, haha. Also, I can see he's very interested with music and so I will support him in his journey. I wish to see him recording his own song in a music studio equipped with dbx driverack at MF.

I better get ready right? Is your kids into music too?

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