October 1, 2018

Greenbelt Family Dentist - Why It's So Important For Families to Visit Their Dentist Regularly

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Visits to the dentist are uncomfortable at best, and as scary as all Hell at worst. Even a plain old regular check up is not something that most people would enjoy, and if you happen to need a dental surgical procedure, the level of discomfort instantly skyrockets.

However, even with all those things looming over your head, there are a fair few reasons why you should visit your dentist regularly – and why you should get your family to join in on it as well!

Because you need to keep your teeth clean

Okay, this might sound like one of those fluffy things you cane easily accomplish on your own, but believe it or not, a professional such as the family dentist in Greenbelt MD can bring miraculous improvements. In fact, if you are looking to have genuinely clean teeth, the help of a professional dentist is inevitably necessary. The reason is really quite simple.

Even if you regularly floss and give your teeth a good vigorous scrub two or three times each day, these home techniques are not sufficient to keep all of the bacteria away. They will creep in and build up plaque on your teeth, which you can read more about at this link. There are many adverse consequences to having plaque build up on your teeth. The most common of these are having a “dirty feeling” in your mouth all the time, and also developing exceedingly bad breath.

Greenbelt Family Dentist, dentist, tooth care, caring for teeth, health, oral health, parenting, parenting tips, kids,
The longer you leave it alone, the worse it gets. Therefore, experts recommend that you make an appointment for teeth cleaning twice a year. Your chosen dentist will remove all of the plaque, including all that clingy residue that is so difficult to spot.

Learn more about that procedure at this page: http://www.adelaidedental.net/how-do-dentists-remove-plaque

While you are there, you may also want to inquire for some tips and recommendations regarding your brushing routine. Every person’s teeth and gums are unique, and there are many different types of toothbrushes and toothpastes out there. A considerate recommendation geared towards your particular dental needs can completely bring your condition around.

Because you need to catch signs of tooth decay before it sets in

Even more than dental plaque, what you need to always look out for regarding your oral health is the appearance of tooth decay. You know those ugly little spots of blackness that will not go away no matter how well you brush?

Greenbelt Family Dentist, dentist, tooth care, caring for teeth, health, oral health, parenting, parenting tips, kids,

They typically appear due to residue sugars sitting on your teeth, corroding the tooth enamel over time. Inadequate brushing and flossing routines are also a common cause of this issue. If left untreated, tooth decay will rapidly advance and spread into the depth of the tooth, eventually reaching the gums and nerves and causing terrible pain, not to mention graveyard breath.

This is the chief reason why you should visit the dentist regularly even if everything seems fine your teeth. Periodic check ups will go a long way towards detecting problems early and cutting them down in the bud.

Because oral health can give hints about your overall health condition

It may sound a bit far-fetched, but believe it or not, certain issues and symptoms that manifest in the mouth and around the teeth and gums can be indicative of other, larger health issues that affect different organs or the body as a whole. To learn more about the connection between your overall health and how your teeth give off signs about it, check out this useful article.

Because children are more likely to see the dentist with parents

Greenbelt Family Dentist, dentist, tooth care, caring for teeth, health, oral health, parenting, parenting tips, kids,

Children tend to be afraid of any doctor, and dentists in particular. Who can blame them? Having a complete stranger poke around your mouth with strange instruments, wearing latex gloves, definitely sounds scary. However, it is critical that children overcome this fear as soon as possible and learn that regular visits to the dentist are normal and desirable. Check out this list of useful tricks to help you: https://www.carefreedental.com/resources/19-dentistry-for-kids/104-15-clever-ideas-for-helping-your-child-visit-the-dentist.

If a parent goes to their dental check ups regularly, the child adopts that behavioral model and develops the same habit. Moreover, parents who consistently visit their dentist are much more likely to take their children along for the visit as well.

This provides a unique opportunity: the child gets to see that a dentist’s appointment is not really that scary, and may even allow the doctor to perform a free check up on them – often under the guise of a game (e.g. “let me count your teeth” or “let’s see if you have a real princess pearly smile”) or “competing” with their parents about who has better teeth. It is a stress-free way to form a habit that will be crucial in later life.

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