August 17, 2013

Do It Yourself: Tissue Core Pen Holder

Today, let me share with you how to make a pen holder out of your empty tissue cores. Actually, my son and I made it as part of our homeschooling activities. So here it goes;

Here's what we will need:

Empty tissue core, scissor, adhesive tape and wrapper or any paper tocover the empty core

Before we start here's my son playing with the tissue cores:

Matt playing with the tissue core

Matt uses the tissue as a telescope

Matt uses the tissue as a telescope while watching TV

Now going back to the tissue pen holder, here's how we made it.

Cut the wrapper or any paper just to fit as a cover of the tissue core. You may just paint it if you want. Any design will do =)

Matt cutting the paper
Then cover the tissue core. Oh by the way, I cut the tissue core into 3/4's so my son's crayon will fit inside.

Matt covering the core

Mommy and Matt wrapping

You also need a base, it maybe a used card board or hard folder. And also, you will need a glue stick and a gun to stick the core unto the base.

Now, we are done!

Tissue Core Pen Holder

My son wasted no time. He happily arranged all his pencils, crayons and even his scissor. 

Matt arranging his pencils, colors and scissor

Here's the finished tissue core pen holder.

Easy right?

Please do share your DIY's or re-use/recycle ideas. I would love to know other things we can do from scratch or used materials.

Happy crafting!

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