March 31, 2014

Zagu- Inspired Halo-Halo shake

Zagu-Inspired Halo-Halo Shake
Summer is on its way already except this past few days that it has been raining. On summer days, we tried to find ways to cool down the scorching heat of the sun. One is thru refreshment. Here is another suggestion that you can try - Zagu-Inspired Halo-Halo Shake.

You will need:
1 tbsp ube halaya,
1 tbsp sweetened sago
1 tbsp corn kernel
1 tbsp, white gulaman (see preparation below)
¼ cup evaporated milk
Crushed ice

Here’s how to do it:
Gulaman: Dissolve 1 pack of gulaman in 2 cups of water. Continue stirring until started to boil. Place in a mold and cool or until settle. Cut into bite size pieces.

In a tall glass, place sweetened sago, gulaman and corn kernel (you can add more if you opt to). Set aside.

In a blender, place halaya, evaporated milk and crushed ice. Blend until become smooth. Pour into prepared tall glass and serve with a large-size straw.

By the way, yesterday, I prepared a real Halo-halo. Matt used to request this one last week.


Do you have something in mind to help ease the heat of summer?
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  1. YES I do, I used to make lemonade, fruit smoothies and popsicle in the summer time. they are good especially its homemade..

  2. Sarap! It's still raining dito sa amin, but when it goes consistently mainit, we'll make these, too!

  3. This looks very appealing to the senses. I'm sure your entire family enjoyed this despite the humid temperature :)

  4. This is something new to me. Ang galing and this will be surely loved by my family here. Patry nga soon..

  5. Ahhh I haven't had halo-halo this season yet, I want some tuloy! :) Buti pa si Matt may homemade Halo-halo. hehehe.

  6. I wanna try this!!! Init. This one will help me feel cool during summer.

  7. I miss halo-halo tuloy and your version looks really good.YUM! please share me some over here and I think Reyna and Garyn wants some too..:)

  8. Aww, yummy! Since summer has started na, patok na talaga ulit ang halo halo. Haven't had one yet so far. Naku, one of these days talaga, will try. Nagcrave din tuloy ako, haha! :-)

  9. Parang ansarap makitira sa bahay nyo hehe. Ang mura ng strawberries dito kaya we usually have them as shakes, strawberries with cream, strawberry jam...

  10. My kids have been asking me to buy halo-halo in the past few days but they can't find any in the neighborhood. Today, they just had some cone twirl instead.

  11. wow! looks delicious at for sure masarap lalo't mainit na!