July 12, 2014

Crochet Pacifier Souvenir

It's been a while since I posted about our crochet creations here. Like always, I have been so busy with my everyday duties. Thanks to Daddy A for keeping our family blog alive through his yummy recipes and amazing photos (you owe me one on this dear, hehe).

Now let me share our latest crochet creation that will definitely make your party be remembered.

Crochet Pacifier Souvenir
These were actually a rushed MTO from a one of our returning clients. I was in doubt if we can finish all the 50 pieces of these in less than a week, but we did. Additional 30 pieces were placed just two days before the deadline and yes, we made it too.

The size of each crochet pacifier is approximately 2.5" x 2". The nipples were stuffed with fiber fill. The crochet pacifier has 3 parts that were sewn together. After sewing together, Daddy A attached the key chain holder then I put the ribbons. Doing these gave us sleep less at night and these are all for the love of crocheting.
And you know what's the best part of these whole labor? It was when the customer thank you and appreciate your work. That's priceless for us.

Next time, I'll try to post a free pattern for this. So watch out for it.

Happy weekend!
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  1. This seems to be a unique gift idea for a christening. Ang tyaga nyo talaga!

  2. cuteness overload! yes it's a perfect christening souvenir! :)