September 5, 2014

Christmas is Just Around the Corner!

Yey! The "ber" months are here. Hello to a cooler weather but I just hope no strong typhoon will hit our country again.

Anyway, do you already feel the December breeze? Yes, Christmas is just around the corner. I think everyone, young and young at hearts, are all excited for Christmas. It's that time of year when good friends are near and you wish you could give more than just presents from a store... I bet you love that Christmas song too.

When we talk about Christmas, aside from gift givings, mommies like me are also excited to decorate our home. Well, Daddy is telling me on the first day of September that he will set up our old Christmas tree. I told him it's still too early, but just as I am writing now I think he can set it up so we can see what else can we add to make it look new.

By the way, our Christmas tree was bought in 2009 when I was still pregnant with our son. So it will be 5 years this December. Just take a look at it through the years (with our son).

Have you notice, we use the same decors over and over? Hehe. So since I am thinking of doing little home improvement at home, I will also include buying new Christmas decors except the Christmas tree. I want to create a more cheerful Christmas atmosphere at home. I actually want to make a Christmas Village.

That's my childhood dream. Maybe I start looking for affordable Christmas Village accessories or browse selection dept56 site that is more convenient for a working mom like me. Can't wait to have time and the money, of course, so I can proceed buying the accessories :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. My tiny christmas tree has been with me with a long time too. I just change the location of the tree every year :)

  2. Same with us. Haha. It's been a couple of Christmas that we have the same decor but I think will purchase a different set of decor this time. Provided if our money will allow us.