September 13, 2014

Creamy Lasagna

To get out of the usual baked macaroni or baked spaghetti. Mommy and I made lasagna last Sunday. Mommy cooked the sauce while I do the cream sauce for filling and topping.

This is best paired with garlic bread.

Creamy and Cheesy Lasagna


You will need:
1 pack of lasagna noodles (about 400 grams)

For the meat sauce:
¼ kilo ground beef
1 large pack (good for 1 kilo) UFC Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce
¼ kilo hotdog, cut into cubes
1 medium sized carrot, grated
1 medium sized onion, mined
4 gloves garlic, minced
1 large green bell pepper, chopped
1 can button mushroom, chopped
½ cup grated cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

For the cream sauce:
¼ cup butter
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup grated cheese
½ cup all purpose cream
½ cup evaporated milk
salt to taste

Here’s how to do it:
Cook lasagna noodles according to packaging instruction.

For the meat sauce: Sauté garlic, onion and ground beef. When the reddish color of the beef disappears, add hotdogs, bell pepper and button mushroom. Add UFC Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce. Add 1-2 cups of water and bring to boil. Once started to boil, lower the heat and add grated carrots and cheese. Simmer for about 5 minutes. Set aside.

For the creamy-cheese sauce: Melt butter then add all-purpose flour. This will turn into paste-like consistency. Cooked the flour until light brown then slowly add 3-4 cups water. With continuous stirring, wait until started to boil then lower the heat. Add all-purpose flour, evaporated milk, grated cheese and salt. Simmer for about 5 minutes with continuous stirring.

In an aluminum pan (about 6 x 8), spread meat sauce at the bottom. Arrange lasagna noodles to cover the bottom of the pan. Spread about 1/3 of the meat sauce, place another layer of lasagna noodles, then cover with 1/3 part of the creamy-cheese sauce. Place another layer of lasagna noodles-meat sauce-lasagna noodles-creamy cheese sauce-lasgana noodles. Pour the remaining 1/3 portion of meat sauce and place the remaining creamy cheese sauce.

In a 175ºF pre-heated oven, bake for about 30-40 minutes.

Serve with garlic bread on the side.

Tip/s: it is better to make the sauces a bit salty. The saltiness will be balanced or neutralized by the pasta.

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  1. I love lagsana but I have yet to really try making it at home as the kids are not really into eating it. Yours look super yummy!!

  2. This recipe is really good. I might make something like this for lunch. My hubby is a big fan of cheesy lasagna, everything cheesy I guess. Thanks for the recipe:)

  3. Yum! I was never successful in cooking lasagna. I burnt the bottom of the pan. :(

  4. Oh that lasagna really is tempting me! :)

  5. That looks soo goood! I am sure every bc blogger who reads this post would like to stay in your house. Yun ang gusto kong gawin e hehe

  6. OMG! Mouthwatering! I absolutely want some. I better get one at Greenwich tomorrow hehehe.

  7. It looks absolutely creamy! It brought a smile to my face as I looked at the photo. One slice here please! ;)

  8. I made something like this the other day ang sarap nga. Especially if you put more cheesy! I'm going to make more next week..:) Thanks for the recipe

  9. We never tried cooking lasagna at home :( but I love Greenwich's and I was wondering if this dish can be eaten minus the oven? Kasi luto na naman lahat ng ingredients, di ba?

  10. I can't get over how good this recipe is! Penge naman Sis- I made some the other day and it was good. I'll add more cheese next time pra talagang super creamy

  11. I love lasagna especially if its cheesy and creamy. I miss lasagna from greenwich and your photo reminds me of it.

  12. Copied and saved the recipe Daddy Allan, I'm planning to make one for my son's birthday next month.