September 18, 2014

On Beads, Jewelry and Wedding Ring

When I was in high school, I started doing some bead crafts. I made rings, bracelet, necklace out of beads and strings. Oh I love making accessories and friends adored them.

But as my life get busier and free time became fewer, I lost in touch with bead crafting. I missed it actually especially when I saw one of my fellow blogger making bead crafts. For now, I am busy with crocheting but if I will have more free time, I will go back to bead crafts.

As I have mentioned, I used to love accessories and jewelry. But I don't know what happened (haha!) because now the only jewelry I am wearing is a pair of earrings and two rings, one of which is our wedding ring.

Speaking of wedding, Daddy and I are talking about having bow renewal on our 25th anniversary. That will be 19 years from now! Hehe.. And I want a new wedding ring of course. So the excited me is already looking around and I found one here at for gold wedding bands

.42 CT Diamond Wedding Band - 14k White Gold

.42 CT Diamond Wedding Band

I want white gold this time :) Praying we can celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary together, healthy and happy.

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  1. After reading your blog. I totally missed doing bead crafts, It just been so hectic and busy last couple months. Making beads, take time as well! but I'll be back soon..The renewal of bows is good idea, so sweet thinking about it.:)

  2. Happy anniversary! I want to have my own version of wedding ring soon. Well, if you know what I mean. Haha

  3. I used to do beading too and sell my crafts to my officemates :) I cant getenough everytime I am in Divisoria and Quiapo for the beads!

  4. Those are really cool wedding rings. All the best in making to 25 years. We too recently changed our wedding bands even thought it only has been 13 years.

  5. I just saw melgie's bead craft.. Very nice, I do want to try the same but di na kaya ng powers ko. So I specialized in my wires and crystals. :-)

  6. Advance planning is good! God bless for the 19 more years to come!

  7. I want a new wedding rings for us too sis when we reach 25 years or pwede na 15 years hehe

  8. Time flies... ang tagal nyo na together. Yes, let's hope for the best and may your love for each other continue to grow and inspire others as well.

  9. White gold is nice. Our wedding rings are made of white gold but after some time it turned yellowish. I think some substance was added to the yellow gold to make it white. But after some time, it goes back to its real color. It has to be brought to the jeweller for retouch. I like titanium if I would have to choose a new ring.