December 5, 2014

A Gift for Our Little Boy

With just 20 days to go, we are still undecided what gift to buy for our little boy.

One minute he loves Spiderman.

Then the next day he loves McQueen cars.

But he's liking books...

And puzzles too.

He loves and likes too many things. If I will ask him now what he likes for Christmas, he will probably said another set of McQueen cars. But who knows what he will tell me tomorrow since he can quickly change his mind. Oh I forgot to mention that he even asked us to buy him a play set of cookwares. 

But what I really want for him is something that will nourished his talent, which is singing. I am thinking of buying him a microphone or a Magic Sing, just in time for we are thinking of buying a Smart TV (and still waiting for Daddy's credit card cut off, haha). Or what about a guitar because I just saw fantastic guitars at Though I think that could wait until he's 7.

Oh, it's so hard to think of what to give him this Christmas. It's the price we have to pay for giving him so many rewards and choices, hehe.

Would you mind helping us decide?
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