December 1, 2014

Nature's Touch Monday: Mutalism

"Life is give and take,
we open up our heart and hold onto your trust.
We gift our love and are gifted with goodness.
If we don't give and take in our everyday lives,
then we have nothing to aspire or model to,
give and take it's the gift to life."
- Jasmina Siderovski


One of the difficult topics for me during high school days is the ecological interaction in biology subject. There are several interactions happening between organisms and most of them ends with "ism". One thing that stored in my mind is "mutualism" wherein both organisms benefit with each other's activity.

Just like the above photo, the  butterfly benefits from the nectar produced by the flower. On the other hand, the flower undergoes pollination process with the help of the butterfly. This interaction is also referred as "give-and-take" relationship.

This "give-and-take" can be seen this holiday season during exchange gifts in schools and offices. But if we are going to apply this in our daily activities, we must not consider this type of relationship. Giving in good faith is not waiting for something in return. Just think of the Karma Law. 

And if we are the one that received something, small or big, don't forget to say THANKS as an appreciation.

Have a very nice start of the week!
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1 comment:

  1. Life is ought to be a mutual relationship (give and take)

    No one should live like an island rather love, unity and appreciation is the ultimate key.

    Thanks for sharing.