May 29, 2015

Some Tips in Buying Online

One of my suggestions where to secretly buy father’s day gift is via online shopping.

However, there are risks in buying online. There are lots of scammers in the internet community.  How can we avoid such scammers?

Here are some suggestions to avoid scammers.

Seek proof of shipping – most sellers post their proof of shipping. Scanned or photos of the waybill must be posted in their sites or FB page.

Look for bank accounts – sellers with banks as mode of payment is a great proof that they are not scammers. Remember, opening an account in banks needs personal information. Avoid paying thru money transfers unless seller mentioned that he/she has a bank account.

Ask for meet-ups – On your first purchase, you can ask the seller to visit their location or at least met-ups. This will let meet the seller face-to-face. Be sure that you are meeting in a public place like malls. Never agree on doubtful or unfamiliar places as meeting place.

Check for reviews – Some customers leave reviews or comments on seller’s page.

Some full product reviews like leblanc bliss Bb clarinet review mentioned where they purchase the products. From this, you can say that the online seller is a legit and trusted one.

Comments like they already received and happy about the products can be an indication that these sellers. Negative reviews like defective, wrong products and late deliveries can also help if you are going to pursue your purchase on that seller.

These tips are based on our experience as buyer and seller too.

Do you have some tips to share too?
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