May 4, 2015

First Crochet Centerpiece

One day, somebody asked us if we can make a crochet rag. She sent us the photo which looks like this:

Photo sent by an inquiring customer

I tried browsing the net if there are available pattern but I cannot find such pattern one for this. I just take a closer look on the photo and tried to make a miniature version using cotton yarn.

Here is the finished product: 

My first centerpiece

Does it look like the one in the photo above?

For those who would like to ask for a pattern, I will try to make a diagram or sketch for this one. It is hard to make a written one since there are some complicated stitches used.

As of now, I am doing granny squares to be placed in our TV rack. I will share the finished product soon. For the mean time, here is a photo of my WIP.

Granny Squares for our TV rack.
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