May 22, 2015

What to Do After Car Accident?

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I’ve been driving most of my time. I used to go to our Tarlac plant every Tuesdays and Thursdays. I used to observe some accidents, either collisions or self-inflicted, along the way.

There is one incident that I was almost caught into an accident.

A cement mixer truck overtake and suddenly, one of the tires bursts. Some of the fragments were hitting my wind shield. I really don’t know what to do that time. I tried to lower my speed but the fragments kept on coming. I tired to speed up to pass the flying fragments but I saw the truck swerving. I just pull the car over and stopped for a while until the road clears.

In connection to this, what are we going to do after car accidents? Harrington Law released a ste-by-step guide on what to do after car accidents.

Be prepared.
Always keep a copy of your driver’s license and insurance card while driving. Losing these documents might bring you to fines if you cannot offer proof of issurance after and accident.

Stay at the scene.
Staying away from the scene is a hit-and-run, even minor accidents.

Check for injuries.
Make sure that everyone involved in the accidents are fine. Call medics in case someone needs medical attention.

Get off the road.
Try to move out if the cars will result to heavy traffic. However, check first for any engine damage, leaks. If you observed these, do not attempt to move the car until responders arrive.

Photo Source: Car Accidents

Call the police.
Any incident more serious that scratches needs to be checked by police. A police report might be needed for insurance claims.

Describe accurately.
Be sure you tell the complete story from your perspective. Make your side fully represented.

Seek and interview witnesses.
Get contact information of bystanders that witnessed the accident. Get plate numbers of other motorists that saw the accident. This will help the police to find them in case needed.

Exchange insurance information.
All acquire all the information from the other driver like plate number, name, address and contact information, car type including model and year and other details that can be used to claim for insurance.

Also, get information like name, badge number, and police report number of the police officer investigating the accident.

File insurance claim.
Contact insurance company as soon as possible to file an insurance claim. This will make your car fixed faster.

Aside from the steps above, here are other things that you should do after the car accident.

Don’t admit fault. Avoid saying “sorry”.
Don’t talk to other party’s lawyer unless you have your own.
Don’t sign any document other that for the police or insurance agent.
Don’t speculate. Say only what you know to the authorities.
Seek medical check-up even you feel fine.
Hire lawyer if you are the one who caused the accident.

Have a safe drive!

Do you have other tips on what to do after car accident?
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