August 6, 2015

Fishes + Sundae + Family = Fun Sunday

Last Saturday, Daddy, Matthew and I went to our hometown in Nueva Ecija. It was just a quick trip and a one-night sleep over. The next day we bought fresh fruits and vegetables in the market because these are sold way cheaper than here in Bulacan.

Since Monday is a work day, we left before lunch time so we still can rest when we get home. But before we left, Matthew requested to see the fishes at CLSU's lagoon. CLSU is Central Luzon State University, our Alma Matter. 

So before we went home, Matthew and Daddy fed the fishes.

Matthew was screaming while the fishes kept on eating the bread he's throwing.

Daddy enjoyed feeding the fishes as well, haha.

After that we started to our trip back home. Matthew felt very sleepy and so he slept in the back sit. While Daddy and I were listening to Papa Dudut's Sunday radio program. The songs being played made me feel like I am just at home. Good thing also that Daddy's car has a good speaker. It's as if I am listening to a live guitar with amp like fender princeton reverb.

Going back to our trip. It was a hot day. Matthew woke up just in time when he reached a stop over with Mini Stop. he asked for a sundae of course.

We love sundae :)

We reached our home early. We still managed to cook our dinner and do some household chores. We even finished this.

It's not just a fun Sunday with the family but a very productive one.
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