August 18, 2015

Where to go in Divisoria?

On our previous visits to this place, I was planning to take photos of the common places we used to go and share it here but I was hesitant baka kasi magalit yung mga vendors. Not only this, I know that in such places, it is better to keep your gadgets and valuables inside the bag to avoid untoward incidents.

CM Recto - One of the busy streets of Divisoria (Source: alltravels)
Since Saturday was a holiday in Bulacan, Mommy and I went to Divisoria to buy some stuff. I am already determined to take some photos using my phone to share here where to buy some things in Divisoria.

Aside from Tutuban, 168 and 999 shopping malls, the streets of Divisoria offers more. Here are the common places that we never failed to visit when we go to this place.

Fruits are known to be cheaper here. In fact, after Christmas, we used go here and bought fruits for the New Year.

But be careful of cheaters. There are some vendors that sell fruits at very low price especially the ones sold per kilo. But once you got home and have it weighed, it is short by almost half.

The best place to buy fruits sold in per kilo basis is at Sta. Elena Street at the back of 168 Mall. I also heard that there is a bagsakan where fruits are sold per box which is cheaper.

Fruits at Sta. Elena St., Divisoria

If you need fabrics for clothes, curtains, table cloth, seat covers, and others, the only place to go is Ilaya Street. You can find fabrics for as low as 10 pesos per yard.

Different fabrics  - Ilaya Street, Divisoria

If you need felt cloth, I suggests to look for Manco.

Felt Cloth Samples from Manco - Ilaya St., Divisoria

Invitations, Souvenirs, Costumes.
For people who loves DIYs, the next street is the best place to go - Tabora. Just ask the vendor and they will handed you what you want.

Materials for costumes like feathers, masks, angel wings and others needed for a production number can be also found in Tabora.

Materials for DIYs  - Tabora St., Divisoria

If you want to know the latest trends in invitations, souvenirs and party giveaways, the entire stretch of Tabora will give a lot of ideas. If you don’t have time to make your own, some offers to do it for you. Just wait for a couple of hours and it is done.

Souvenir and giveaway samples - Tabora St., Divisoria

Invitation Samples - Tabora St., Divisoria

One of our goal in going to Divisoria is to buy fiber fill for our felt cloth letters and we found it in Tabora too. Look for BDO branch in this street, beside is the entrance to Pasilio B of Ledesma Bldg. In front of Sumo Modiste stall, sacks of fiber fill can be found. (Read also: Crafty Things at Wellmanson)

Fiber fill for suffing - Ledesma Bldg., Tabora St., Divisoria

Party Tools and Favors.
Every year, we visited this place to buy balloons, party hats, and toys for Matthew’s party favors. Actually, these items are previously located inside the Divisoria Mall. Since it was ruined by fire a couple of years ago, vendors are located at De Santos Street. The same street where the old mall is located.

Toys and other party favors - De Santos St., Divisoria

"Ber" months is already coming and it is time to start collecting gifts for the holiday season. Umbrella is one of the most common giveaways by some company. There is one store located at Antonio Rivera cor. CM Recto.

Umbrella Store - Antonio Rivera St. cor CM Recto, Divisoria
Above are only few places to visit in Divisoria, I know somewhere that there are still parts that we haven't discovered. Maybe next time we will able to go there and share it here again.

Do you know other parts of Divisoria and what can be get from there?
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  1. I need those felt cloths! I will try to look for manco the next time I'll go there. Thanks!


  2. Hi, just want to ask around how much po per kilo ung fiber fill/stuffing? Thank u!