August 27, 2015

The Safest and Deadliest Cars List

One of the worst problems our country is facing today is the never-ending traffic jam, particularly in the metro roads like EDSA. This is the main reason why I don't like travelling to the metro, especially on week days.

The mass transportation system like MRT, LRT and PNR, would have, at least, lessen the traffic congestion. Unfortunately, our train system is not as efficient as expected. Commuters are experiencing difficulties like long lines, overloaded trains, and worst, accidents due to frequent malfunction of the trains. So most people still prefer riding in their own cars.

Cars nowadays can be easily purchased. Down payment, as well as the monthly amortizations are now very affordable. Though there are some affordable models, safety is still a big consideration in buying cars.

The San Diego Personal Injury Attorney released a list of safest and deadliest cars. The list is divided into each vehicle type – SUVs, Pick-ups, Wagons/Minivans, Luxury Cars, Luxury SUVs, 4-Door Cars and 2-Door Cars. The incidence of deaths per million unit is used to determine the safety and deadly. 

Daddy and I are planning to buy our own car in the future. I prefer the SUV type and one of the safest SUV in the list is this.

I just wish this is available here too. You can check the list for other safest car brand. This is a very helpful list for those who are planning to buy a new car. Or go and check the list to check if your current cars is not one the deadliest list.
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