December 19, 2013

The Final MTO for 2013!

As promised, here's the final MTO that we have just finished!

Crochet Minion Hats and Ugg Boots

Let's take a look at each piece/pair. This is the first time I made an Ugg Boots. I'll try my best to post the pattern I made for this one.

Crochet Ugg Boots
For this little girl's Minion hat, I made the beanie then Daddy made the earflaps and the embellishments.

Crochet Minion Girl Hat
So cute right, and how about these two for the parents?

Crochet Adult Minion Hat

Daddy Allan, made the two hats above. I must say he's an expert when it comes with plain hats and hats with earflaps.

Finally, we can  really take a break and rest after a year of non-stop crocheting. We are so blessed that many are trusting us to make their babies' and children's accessories. And guessed what? Ordering of MTO is still closed but we have already 3 batches of MTOs for January. Praise God!

Anyway, 6 days to go and it's Christmas. Wishing you a Merry and Blessed Christmas! - Daddy Allan, Mommy Maye and Matthew

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  1. It's the perfect gift sis! :) Merry Christmas!

  2. OMG! I love love loooove the boots! Pang export na yan! :)

  3. Very cute minions! People are going cray-cray with them!

  4. Super love the hats and boots! Merry Christmas!!:)

  5. These are great gifts. Loved how it is made. Merry Christmas and have a blessed holiday.

  6. Ang kucute talaga sis! I didn't notice at first that the other two hats are for the parents pala, lalong naging cute! haha! i could already imagine the family wearing yung mga gawa niyo. tuwang tuwa sila i'm sure. :-) and the boots, oh my, super nice din, sis! Great job to both you and daddy A. :-)

  7. Business is good talaga! And you do make beautiful crochet accessories. Inggit ako! hehe

  8. Those are good presents for christmas.. love the booties and hats :)

  9. Oh those boots look sooooo cute! Merry Christmas to you, daddy Allan and Matt :)

  10. Terrific designs and great color schemes too. I love the creative energy you bring to this work.

  11. Ilang gabing puyatan din ito. Just to finish the hats. Buti na lang humabol bago magbakasyon...