February 13, 2014

Perfect Valentine's Gift Part 3

Few days left before Valentine’s Day and for those who haven’t bought their gifts for their loved ones, it is not yet late to purchase. Here is another gift suggestions for the so-called gadget geeks.

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Virtual Keyboard – this works for any gadget via Bluetooth connection. The advance optics technology tracks fingers movements as you type in the projected keyboard.

AirTurn Bluetooth BT-105 for iPad, Mac, and PC  
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Bluetooth Airturn – This bluetooth airturn for ipad bt-105 at WWBW works on both PC and tablets. It enables you to turn pages without much hassle by simply tapping on the device by your foot. Can be used during powerpoint presentations and music playing.
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Digital Photo Converter – This device used to convert your old film negatives into digital images which makes you easier to view on TV screens and projectors while working.

NWZ-W273/L-Walkman® Digital Media Players-W Series

Waterproof mp3 player – for music lovers and gadget geeks, this is one of the perfect gift. You can hear the music you want even during swimming activities.

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Water proof LCD TV – Seaking of water proof, this TV is perfect gift so you can watch movie while taking a shower.

I think buying gifts for the so-called gadget geeks is a bit expensive. Do you have any cheaper items in mind that can please a gadget geeks?

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  1. Love all the gadgets! No budget for now, so chocolate lang muna..heheh. Happy Valentines day to you guys!:)

  2. Cool gadgets! I wish to have them unfortunately I don't have the budget din.. Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Woah! Those gadgets are new to me except for the virtual keyboard. Look how technology works forward.